Friday, January 01, 2010


January 1, 2010......This year will start our 5th year of trucking. Wow, time sure does fly by when you're having fun doesn't it? It's really hard to phantom all the places we have been and the sights we have seen over the previous 4 years. But all it takes is some time to sit down and peruse through the blog to have it all come back to me like it was yesterday.

This past year, once again Craig managed to have to take some time off from work due to an injury. Thankfully, this time it was only a boil and he healed after just one week off. Craig also managed to take on the responsibility of training and is holding steady at 50% success rate, but then when you have only had two trainees so far I guess that isn't saying too much.

Over the past year I published my 500th post and reached over 81,000 hits on the blog, and had a few new followers who have joined us on our journeys. We found out just how much snow can accumulate at our home, especially when no one is there to keep on top of it, and how to break into our own home when the doors wouldn't clear the decking after they swelled.

We hauled our fair share of potatoes, bananas, and apples up and down Interstate 5, had way too many trips into the San Francisco Bay area for my comfort level. Any time we are able to look back on the past year and say "we haven't been hit or hit anything" is a good thing.

Nothing especially stands out in our minds this past year, other than having what we think is the best job and lifestyle around. We remain happy in what we do and even more so with our relationship and our plans for the future. I guess what I'm really saying is that if 2010 is as great as 2009 was, we will count ourselves to be very blessed in deed. We both wish all of you the very best that 2010 has to offer!

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