Monday, January 04, 2010


I've been a bit lazy the last couple of days when it came to posting a blog entry. Probably has something to do with the last couple of runs we have been on. Plenty of time, no rush, and just kicking back and enjoying the ride. Not that much activity to talk about, but I can at least keep you up to date on what we have been doing.

We left French Camp, CA rather early on Saturday morning, like 3am early, just like the night before. It wasn't because we needed to, but wanted to. We had our sights set on hitting the Wal Mart in Anderson, CA and wanted to get there as early as we could to avoid the crowds and having a easy go of parking the rig. It's also nice to have the store mainly to yourself to wander around and then have no lines at checkout.

After shopping, it took me awhile to figure out where to put everything, but I think we have enough provisions on board to last until Craig takes some well deserved home time around the 17th of January. We then continued our trek across the border into Oregon and called it a day in Medford. Sunday, we only had a little over 250 miles to go to our staging destination in Aurora, OR. We made it there by around noon, and watched the rest of the day and into evening as every imaginable parking spot was taken.

This morning we delivered the bananas in Clackamas to the Fred Meyer DC and then immediately was dispatched about 40 miles away to Woodland, WA to the Columbia Cold Storage to pick up some frozen food. This load will be delivered in Livingston, CA tomorrow night at 10pm. Our appointment time in Woodland was at 12pm, but we called ahead to see if we could show up early. No problem, they said, but as it turned out we weren't fully loaded until 2pm.

That left us with a decision on how to handle driving the remaining 700 plus miles and still get in a mandatory break. We decided to stay at the shipper until we had an eight hour break and then take off for some good old night driving. With a two hour break factored in during the night for a power nap, we figure to make Corning, CA by 6am Tuesday morning. Then it will be off to Livingston to make the delivery at 10pm. Looks like our days of having easy daytime runs has come to a screeching halt.

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