Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What a shock.....another load of frozen french fries. Will the world ever grow tired of this starchy treat? Gosh I hope not, that would take away half of the runs we have. At least this time, Craig and Eric are picking them up at a place we haven't been to before in Othello, WA to yet another Columbia Cold Storage. From there they will head south to make the delivery on Saturday in Oxnard, CA at the Sysco distribution center.

It seems that while the truck was parked in the French Camp yard while Craig was on home time, they did a service on the truck and also on the APU. Wouldn't you know it, after that service, they started having trouble with the APU working properly. As luck would have it, Craig remembered there was a reset button on the unit, pushed it, and just like that it is working again. For Eric's sake, I hope it continues to work. I know how cranky Craig can get when he gets too warm. Yes, you heard that right, even in the dead of Winter, the AC on the APU is put to use. I don't call him my "thermal nuclear man" for nothing.

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T-Net said...

I swear men have a total different chemical makeup than us women do. Joe is my heater and I am his little butterball, in that I am always cold. But alas, just like you guys, it is the middle of the winter and the APU is running with the A/C. Thank goodness I ave enough blankets on the bed to keep me warm while he is sweating! :)


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