Friday, January 22, 2010


While we were enjoying our little trip in Half Moon Bay, CA Craig received a phone call from the recruiting office asking if he would take another trainee. Never one to say "no", and with me being able to stay at my Mom's house, it looks like a new trainee will be occupying my seat for the next 6 weeks or so.

This morning, after doing a very early morning grocery store run, I dropped off Craig at the Company yard in French Camp so that he could get the truck packed up and organized. Then he phoned his new trainee, who was put up in a hotel in town, and made arrangements to pick him up. Evidently, this trainee originally started a week ago on the flatbed side and decided he would be better suited to the reefer division.

It wasn't too long after saying my goodbyes to Craig, that he called saying that they had received their first dispatch. They were headed to Emeryville to the PG&E facility to drop an empty trailer and hook up to a loaded trailer. Craig needed a little refresher on which onramp to take to get there, and I was happy to be able to give him the information he needed. I probably won't learn all the details on his new trainee until later tonight, but I'm hoping all goes well with trainee number 3.

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