Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yep, he's bright alright......With the majority of the shippers and receivers now requiring you to wear reflective vests, and not liking the flimsy vests that we had, we purchased Craig a nice reflective jacket for the winter and a vest for the summer. Notice what's in his hand? They even threw in for free the reflective beanie knit hat as well. I bet he will be seen for a half a mile away wearing this outfit. If anyone is interested in ordering a high quality jacket or vest, or other safety products, I can't recommend highly enough going to Industrial Safety Gear. They are extremely responsive, ship quickly, and they are currently having a sale on most of their products too!

So where do I begin to tell you what has been going on with Craig and Eric? After leaving LaPine, OR on Thursday, they were told to get to LA as quickly as they could as they had a pre plan sent over the QualComm to pick up bananas in San Diego Friday. Nothing like putting the trainee to work right away and they did some team driving and dropped the frozen french fries in the yard in Bloomington, CA and took off for San Diego for the bananas. They had to go to the off harbor site to pick them up, which equates to sitting around waiting for their turn in the dock. But the 7 hours of detention pay took the sting out of sitting around and by 6pm they were headed north.

It seems that there was more to this load of bananas than originally thought, because while waiting to get loaded, they were told to hustle the bananas to Corning, CA as quickly as they could to swap loads with another driver that was going to be taking home time. Since the bananas they were picking up didn't need to be in Puyallup until Wednesday, they would take the bananas from the other driver that needed to be in Puyallup Sunday morning. So once again, some team driving went into action, and after a quick stop in French Camp, Ca for me to replenish some of Craig's supplies, they were off to Corning for the swap.

If all goes well, they should be able to grab a few hours of non moving sleep prior to making the delivery of bananas at 5am Sunday morning at the Fred Meyer DC. Then because Eric is in need of picking up his brand new commercial driver's license, which is sitting at his home in Spokane, they will be routed there with a delivery either Sunday night or Monday morning. In talking to Craig, it seems Eric is getting an eye full of the fast pace and strange hours of trucking driving. Better he learn it now and know what he is in for than later, and keep an eye out for my husband, you won't be able to miss him in that new jacket!

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