Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Othello.....Nope, not the Shakespeare play, but a tiny little town off Highway 26 in Washington State. This was the first time we have been to this particular Columbia ColStor, but we are finding that they seem to be in every little nook and cranny in this State. The last one we were at in Quincy, WA they were having a "driver appreciation" day. Had we not just stuffed ourselves with lunch prior to arriving there, we would have enjoyed hot dogs, potato salad, potato chips, candy bars and soda. And if that wasn't enough, while in the dock getting loaded, an employee walked out to the truck, personally thanked us for doing what we do, and gave Craig a really fine looking baseball cap. Now that my friends is what I call giving a little love! When Craig and Eric pulled into the facility in Othello, WA it looked like a TWT convention. There were already two other trucks backed into the docks with another one waiting besides themselves. By the time they were loaded, 3 more TWT trucks pulled in to get loaded too. By 3:30pm they were scaled and on their way south. Thankfully, weather would not be an issue for them this run down Highway 97, as the pavement was bare and no snow or rain falling from the sky. Tonight will find them in LaPine, OR where they will shut down to get some sleep, and speaking of sleep, that is where I am headed as well.

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