Monday, January 18, 2010


I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but talking, and I emphasize talking as the ability to actually hear each other's voice on a cell phone, with one party being inside of a semi truck, can be a royal pain in the butt. We have literally spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a bluetooth device for Craig to use while he is driving, and every attempt has been a waste of time and more importantly money.......until now. May I introduce my new best friend.....the Blueparrott, or more officially by his formal name......VXI Roadwarrior B250-XT.OMG.....this thing is amazing. We would have never found out about it, had we not been listening to a trucking channel on our Sirius Satellite radio. A truck driver was calling into the show and during the course of the conversation said he was driving. Both the host and Craig and I were shocked as to the clarity and sound quality of his phone. Thank goodness the host asked what device he was using and hence we were introduced to the Blueparrot.

Of course being skeptical, I went to work online looking it up and checking out reviews, and couldn't find anything significant to sway up from venturing down that long slippery slope of trying yet another bluetooth device. But at this point, with Craig doing more and more training, and with me staying behind, I was desperate to find a solution to the agony which we both endured while trying to have a decent conversation via the cell phone. We started looking for it at truck stops and found the cheapest price to be around $100, so of course I went to the Internet to find me a bargain. Two days later it was delivered to my Mom's house in Modesto and waiting for us.

We couldn't wait to test it out and test it out we did. After fully charging the unit, Craig went outside the truck and stood right next to the reefer unit and then the idling truck engine and proceeded to test it out. I couldn't decipher any background noise as he spoke. The next test would be while he was driving, and it worked like a charm. We both highly recommend it. Sure it isn't as cool as those tiny little over the ear bluetooth devices you see everyone wearing, and it may make you feel and look like an air traffic controller, but wouldn't you rather hear clearly than look cool? I thought so. Trust me....... your friends and family will thank you for it!

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all things bradbury said...

i have the same problems.... and i can't get any of those little ear "bugs" to fit in my ear and stay put!...i've been using one like this that i got at pilot but the next time i'm buying, i will definately check this out!....thanks for sharing!


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