Sunday, September 30, 2012


The first ever "Cottage on the Hill" Sale is over, and I can pretty much guarantee that this sale will be an annual event the last weekend of September for many years to come.  Cori and I have dreamed of pulling off an event such as this for a few years, and after being vendors at the huge "Farm Chicks" show in Spokane last year,  we felt we had just enough experience, and more than enough creativity and energy to put on a sale at her Cottage.

We didn't do it alone by any means, although at times we felt like we were climbing Mt. Everest with a 100 pound pack on our backs.  Cori's husband Mike was right there along with us, busy in the garage the past couple of months, but even more so that last two weeks, when I arrived in Walla Walla ready to get my hands dirty.  Not only did I get my hands dirty, but there probably wasn't too many spots on my body that didn't have paint, stain, or an ache or pain at some point, and you know what?  At the end of the day yesterday, when the signs were taken down, those aches and pains, and stains were just a hazy memory.

From the first customer who showed up and immediately wanted sold tags put on a few pieces, to the women and men who gave us many compliments on our products, how reasonable our prices were and what a beautiful layout of items we had displayed, we can't thank you enough. Your comments recharged our souls and spirits and has inspired us to make next years event even better.

We had three other vendors who shared this experience with us and we can't be remiss in thanking them for taking the plunge with us and to be in on the building process of something we hope will be a major event in the area that will be a "must go to" on their calendar every year.  We are looking forward to adding at least 10 more vendors to share in the experience with us next year.

Finally, I think the image that will stay with me forever, was the cute young couple that ventured up the hill to the sale, long after the sale was over, and while we were enjoying a victory dinner al fresco at a table on the lawn as the full moon was rising in the sky.  We all happened to look their way as they paused from looking at what meager items we had left, turned towards the beautiful night sky illuminated by the glowing moon, and wrapped their arms around each other and just took it all in. 

That about summed up how we all felt at that moment, hoping to forever remember just how great it felt to pull off something wonderful, meet so many great and interesting people who have the same passion as we do, and know in our hearts that we will never forget just how blessed we are to have the opportunity to truly do what we love.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Cori and I did a little intel at the "Junk Barn Sale" in Stanfield, OR Friday morning.  Little did we know what an ordeal it would be to get there.  It was approximately a 90 minute drive, which included after taking the exit off the Interstate, a five mile drive on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere.  Dodging large farm equipment, semi trucks, and the suped up pickups the cowboy were flying down the gravel road in, we finally creapt up over the last hill to finally see our oasis.
With not another home, barn, or out house within eye distance, we came upon a beautiful farm with a large cow paddy filled field to park in, which made walking in flip flops almost as exciting a seeing what was for sale.  There were approximately 30 venders all set up with their booths as we made our way to each and every one. 
With us putting on our own sale next weekend,  we figured if people will drive out in the boonies for a barn sale, surely, they will venture outside of town and up a hill for our cottage sale.  We loved how they had their refreshment table set up, and the layout of the grounds.  We will be incorporating a few of their great ideas into our own event as well.
Now any great junk/vintage sale would not be complete unless you find a perfect, unique, industrial item for one of the rooms you are fixing up, and I found it!  Take a look at this piece.  I have never seen anything like it, but fell in love with it when I first eyed it.  It will be the perfect piece to complete the guest room redo in our loft, and I'll be happy to share photos once I get home.
Cori and I are energized to take on the next 6 days and make our "Cottage on the Hill" sale a great success!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The temperatures have fallen into the high 30's and low 40's in the early morning hours, and I can sense Fall is knocking at the door.........until the afternoon hits and we creep into the 80's.  This isn't what I remember about this time of year from years gone by.  Where is my sweatshirt weather, the turn on the fireplace and get cozy weather, the go for a walk and feel the cold bite your cheeks?  I'm putting my foot down here and demanding Falls arrival, but until then, I'll head south to Walla Walla, where it is even warmer.  I should have my head examined!
The great thing about Walla Walla though, is spending time with my very best friend Cori and her family, getting the creative juices flowing, being involved in the first ever "Cottage on the Hill" sale, and then being able to pick up Craig in Spokane on my way back home.  It just doesn't get much better than that, and so I'll suffer through the heat a few more weeks until Fall makes it's official appearance.
The trees by our house are changing their leaf colors, and so I thought a change of color would do our little space good as well.  This is what our shed looked like before:
And here it is after.  I do love me my dark colors, and I think it fits in much better up here in the forest with the green, rather than the white.
I've been doing other projects around the house as well, but there are still some finishing touches I need to do before I post pictures.  But as Craig always says to me....."Are you ever done decorating?"   Well it will be pretty hard to do once I'm out on the truck.  I can hear Craig counting down the days as I type.  

Monday, September 10, 2012


As Craig and I count down the days now until I am back on the truck, I've been keeping myself busy at home getting ready for the first ever "Cottage on the Hill" sale.  This has been a an idea that Cori and I have tossed around over the past couple of years, and by golly, this year we are making it happen.  We also have four other talented women that will be joining us on this endeavor.  We are truly excited to be putting on this event, and hope that it turns into an annual event to be held in Walla Walla.
On the trucking side of the news, Craig and his team driver Justine, continue to make the trek up and down Interstate 5 from Washington to California, and often into Arizona.  Upon Craig's return to the yard after his last home time, he was assigned yet another new truck.  This will be his third brand new truck in less than 2 years.  With the amount of miles they were putting on the truck with the new Paccar engine, the warranty was going to run out long before the company wanted it to.

So we said goodbye to truck 350, and welcomed truck 393 into our lives.  I'm hoping that when Craig does go back to solo driving in December, that he will be able to keep this truck.  Craig does tell me that the ride is much smoother with the new truck, as he finds that he doesn't get tossed around as much in this truck going down I5 in California as he did in the old truck.

So that about brings us up to date on the happenings around here, in under 90 days I should be back on the truck, occupying the passenger seat again, and reporting from the road with lots of pictures.  Until then, I'm sure to find a few things to post about around home and during Craig's home times.


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