Thursday, April 26, 2012


One of the allures of going back to team driving for a short time, was the information that teams were going to be running more loads going East.  We had heard of runs to Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.  As of yet, Craig and his team driver Justin, have been kept extremely busy running the normal route of the Interstate 5 corridor, until today.

Craig had been running solo the last 5 days while Justin took his home time, one of the wonky things when you have team drivers that live at opposite ends of the country, Craig in northern Washington and Justine in southern California.  So when they finally met up this morning in French Camp, when Justine hitched a ride with another TWT driver, they were give a load going east, just not at east as they would have hoped.

Tonight they are picking up a load of chicken from Foster Farms in Livingston, CA and making a delivery into the Denver area.  Craig and I both commented, when he told me the details of this run, that we were happy that the major winter weather was well behind us, and that snowy conditions shouldn't be an issue on this trip.  Of course, now that I've said it, you just know there will be a freak snow storm.

The load delivers Saturday morning, and from other teams we had talked to, the normal load coming back out is beer delivered to the LA area.  That should then set them up nicely for a run up to Washington, where Craig will take a week of vacation time for some R&R, but not until we complete a few home maintenance projects.

I can't wait to hear about this new run into Colorado, and with hopes of a few more new runs east in their future.

Monday, April 23, 2012


While Craig is busy traveling the Interstates between Arizona and Washington, I've been enjoying being at our little piece of Heaven, along the river in Usk, WA.  I truly pinch myself several times a day to make sure I'm not dreaming, as it really is just that beautiful here.  I feel as if I must have done something right in my lifetime to deserve the happiness that has come into it, especially after meeting and marrying Craig.
We've been doing a lot of planning, now that I am so close to finally receiving my retirement benefits at the end of the year.  I'll be joining Craig back on the truck as we take multiple little trips throughout 2013, taking home time up and down the west coast from California to Washington, and with a mandatory trek to Las Vegas one year from now to celebrate Craig's birthday in style.
Yes, we have made plans for the future, but we are grounded firmly into enjoying our lives together today, knowing just how blessed we are to have found each other, and to have put down roots in a place we had only dreamed of living before.  Every day, as I take my walk, I say a prayer of thanks, send a heartfelt kiss up to Heaven to my Mom, and find joy in each day that God has given to us.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I've been scouring our nearby local small town newspaper the last couple of weeks in hopes of finding a yard sale or two.  I've come up empty handed, mostly due to inclimate weather and morning temperatures still hoovering around 30 degrees, but I prevailed yesterday in finding a moving sale and a rummage sale.  With having to drive the 15 miles into town anyway to pick up a few items at the grocery store, it proved a good way to conserve gas and fulfill my need to go on the hunt for some vintage finds.

If it hadn't been for a teeny, tiny sign pointing to a gravel and snow covered road, I might have missed the turn off.  My mind always thinks when I go down these tiny little roads, that maybe I should have let someone know where I was going, and more importantly, hoping that I don't meet another vehicle going the opposite way, as there was barely enough room for our big ole truck.  Luckily, I made it to the home, and found enough parking area in which to turn around to make my exit back out into civilization.

I wasn't too impressed with what they were offering, the usual clothes, tools, and electronics, until I spied out of the corner of my eyes these beauties:
I felt as though the Heavens where shinning down upon me, and when I found out what the owner wanted for them, I could have kissed her!  These three pieces are made entirely out of heavy duty leather, with numerous shipping labels still clinging  to life to it's sides.  They have all the beauty of aging and patina that over 75 years will give to a piece.  I'm estimating their age by a tiny scrap of newspaper I found shoved in a crevice inside one of them, talking about President Roosevelt speaking to Congress in the 1940's.
If only these pieces could talk, the stories they would be able to tell.  The owner said she purchased them in Maryland at an auction many years ago.  The shipping labels only give hints of where they have been, sporting destinations of New York and Philadelphia.  A residential address in Washington D.C. leaves clues to one of the owners which looks like a last name of Campbell, and there are initials of JCW stamped into the leather.
I don't know if I can part with these beauties, as they have found a spot in my heart.  For now they are in my living room with the option of taking them to Walla Walla to sell in Cori's consignment space.  I'll have to see if during my future yard sale hunts, I find something that wins me over more than these did.

Sunday, April 01, 2012


When I'm in the truck with Craig, and I see the remains of a recent roadkill of Bambi, I always say aloud "Oh Dear" which actually means "Oh Deer, did you ever make a mistake running out onto the roadway".  I've always been happy to say, other than a glancing scrape to our pickup from a deer zigging instead of zagging, we've been very luck in our travels of avoiding hitting a deer............until last Thursday.

I was taking a short nap at a roadside rest area, during my 17 hour straight drive from California to Washington, as Craig was making his way into Spokane to make a delivery before taking some home time.  Then, while on Highway 14, a rather large deer made the tragic mistake of running out in front of his truck.  Never a good idea if you're a deer, and this would not have a happy ending either.  It took awhile before Craig could find a place to pull over and access the damage, and ever the McGwyver, with duct tape in hand, was able to put the bumper and headlight somewhat back in place.

A phone call to Road Service, and then in the morning the mandatory call into the Safety Department, the truck was sent off for repairs.  According to the person Craig talked to in Safety, they get about 3 deer hits a week this time of year.  Thankfully it was an easy fix for the truck, and no one was hurt, other than the deer.

Craig and I have been enjoying being at home where the snow pack has melted, and what snow we have had never stuck to the ground.  It has been windy and rainy though, but neither one of us minds that at all, we're just happy to be home together.


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