Saturday, January 23, 2010


There's no denying it, the first day Craig and I part ways and I leave the truck, are always the hardest. I couldn't have asked for a better way to cheer myself up, then attending the stage performance of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto, CA last night. Not only was it the very first Broadway play I ever saw as a teenager in San Francisco back in the 70's, but none other than Ted Neeley, star of the movie, would headline the show, and a mere 30 feet from the fantastic seat that I occupied for the performance. Granted, Ted Neeley has been performing as Jesus for just shy of 40 years, but the hair on my arms stood straight up as the opening chords rang out through the theatre and the spotlights lit him up. Several times throughout the performance chills ran through me and I was transported back to relive the thrill of my first time seeing this performed live. And the Crucifixion scene? Words can not describe it, it has to be experienced in person. If you ever get the chance to see this while Ted Neeley is still performing it, run don't walk, and treat yourself, it is so worth the cost of admission.

But even the standing ovation performance of Ted Neeley could make me forget about Craig, so let me fill you in on what he is up to. After dropping the empty trailer at the PG&E facility in Emeryville, CA yesterday, they hooked up to a loaded trailer and headed right back to the yard in French Camp where they proceeded to drop the trailer. Just a little over 5 hours of work at $125 richer, they ended up sitting the rest of the day. Craig did however, host two other drivers in his truck, as they participated in a safety meeting via a conference call over Craig's new Bluetooth CB radio.

No news yet this morning on a new assignment, but they were told to check in around 10am. No doubt they will be hitting the road soon and keeping busy, and I'll have to do the same myself, but instead of hitting the road, I think I'll be hitting the Wii game.

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