Thursday, July 07, 2011


As my days here at home come to an end, I had one last project to finish up.  While out in the shed looking for scraps of wood to make all of my previous signs I posted about, I came across this large 6 foot by 10 inch slab of wood.  Immediately I saw an oversized ruler and went about transforming it up in my loft hobby room.
Since it was already the perfect size, all I did was paint it.  I would have liked to have made it a different color, but I am limited with what paint colors I have, so the "Glass of Milk" Martha Stewart would have to do.  After painting it front and back, I went about making the markings and numbers on it with black paint. I can really see this in a kid's room as a great accent on the wall, or even used as a growth chart.
Craig has been home since Tuesday afternoon.  He's already completed a mandatory DOT physical and passed with flying colors.  We plan to do some area exploring tomorrow, maybe doing some geo-caching and then taking in the Lavender Festival in town on Saturday.  There's suppose to be over 60 vendors in the City Park along with all kinds of food and entertainment.  Should be a lot of fun.
Craig is due to head back out on Sunday morning, and then I will drive to Walla Walla.  I can't believe it has been over a month since I have been to the store, or worked with Cori on any projects.  Thankfully, we had plenty of surplus product left over from Farm Chicks to keep our two spaces fully stocked so that both of us could take some time off.
After spending a couple of days in Walla Walla, I'll be driving to California for an extended period of time as my Mom will be under going surgery on the 19th of July.  Your positive thoughts would be appreciated for her and for a speedy recovery.  I'll be sure to try and keep my hands in some type of project while in California, and since I have the pickup, I may even be able to pick up a treasure or two to take back to Walla Walla with me when that time comes.


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