Monday, October 08, 2012


The countdown begins for when I will once again occupy the passenger seat of the truck.  The last nine months have been great being home.  Before this, neither one of us had spent more than a few weeks here, and I made sure to take full advantage of it.  Not only did I enjoy healthy home cooked meals, but I was able to do a few small projects around the house.
First up, was painting the inside of the entire house.  I originally was only going to paint the upstairs loft areas, but loved the color so much, that I just continued down the stairs and by the time I was done, every room was painted.  Craig and I had discussed what we wanted to do with the second loft area, and decided that it would make a great guest room.  Now the funny thing is that one, we will hardly be here to have guests, and two, in the almost five years we have lived here, we've only had three visitors, two of which have spent the night.

But the room is done for the most part and ready for any guest that would like to venture up our way when we might be home to welcome them.  I still want to think up a great window treatment for the two windows, and I do have an empty wall that is just screaming for something unique.  I'll have plenty of time to come up with something once I'm back on the truck next month, and perusing the Internet to my heart's content.  I'm going to miss being at home, but I'm going to love being with my husband even more.


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