Sunday, January 24, 2010


Back when Craig was putting himself through driving school, he met one of the recruiters from his current Company who was there of course recruiting. When Craig made the decision to go on board with Trans-System, Inc., this particular recruiter was his "go to" person. I met him soon after Craig was training, and we all hit it off real well, especially over Chinese food. When Craig himself started training, I always told the recruiter that I would send him some goodies for making sure Craig got a good trainee.

A couple of months ago, I sent him my best friend Cori's S'more cookies. To say they were a hit in the office is an understatement. I think the office personnel ate more of them then Curtis the recruiter. So when Craig got his latest trainee, I told Curtis to expect a new care package in the mail. I went to work today making a batch of these bars.They are simply called "The Bars" and with good reason. Words can not describe just how incredibly delicious these tasty morsels of goodness are. I wrapped these babies up and will ship them out to Curtis first thing tomorrow morning along with some Lemon Blossoms which I talked about before. You know, come to think of it, I just may be shooting myself in my own foot. With every home cooked batch of goodness I send him, will only inspire him to keep giving Craig a trainee. I just may never see my husband again!


Cori said...

Diane! These look amazingly good! Lucky Curtis. You're gonna spoil him : )

Mom said...

My mouth is watering.

Anonymous said...

I guess you didn't send any bars for Craig's first trainee? LOL

CRAIG and DIANE said...'re right, I didn't. With his sudden departure, sending treats was the last thing on my mind.


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