Sunday, January 17, 2010


I haven't quite figured out why the "powers that be" require you to input your home time request via the computer, then proceed to forget you ever asked for it when the day rolls around you should be home. Here we were fat, dumb, and happy on Saturday morning, thinking we would be dropping the load in French Camp and after submitting our morning hours and a quick confirmation of home time, promptly got a reply that we were scheduled to deliver our load in LA on Monday morning. Say what?????

Thankfully, the weekend dispatcher went hunting for us to find someone to swap loads with and the best he could do on short notice was a swap on a load that had two deliveries today. That meant home time would be delayed by one day, but at least the reservations Craig and I made for a mini getaway would not be effected by this change. All's well that ends well right?

Anyway, when we did get into French Camp Saturday, we decided that I would go ahead and take off to my Mom's house so that I could do some errands on Sunday while Craig finished up with the deliveries. As we were loading up our pickup with my bags, I happened to notice a tear in the steer tire on the passenger side of the truck. Craig got the flashlight out to inspect it, and wouldn't you know it, there was a significant rip in the sidewall of the tire, no doubt from the pot hole infested highways of California. A quick phone call into Road Service, and by the time I had made it to my Mom's house, Craig was getting the tire replaced by an on call tire guy.

Old habits are hard to break, and like clockwork this morning, I awoke at my Mom's at 3am, no doubt subconsciously thinking I was going along with Craig on his deliveries. His first stop is in Stockton at 5am and then onto San Jose for an 11am delivery. When he gets back to the yard this afternoon I'll drive out there and pick him up to finally begin a little well deserved R&R.


WSU Laura said...

Have a wonderful break.

Anonymous said...

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