Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Craig is still limping along on limited driving hours, so when we left French Camp on Monday morning, he only had about 6 hours of driving time he could use. That got us as far as Weed, CA where we were shut down and biding our time by noon. It wasn't until we had parked that we noticed just how windy it was. We haven't experienced this type of wind since the days on the boat fleet and driving through Wyoming. We were rocked and jostled to and fro all afternoon and into the night, where it finally decided to start raining. We felt sorry for the flatbed driver parked next to us who was trying in vain to tarp his load with one of those thin blue plastic tarps. It was too painful to watch and I had to take refuge behind our curtain.

Tuesday looked brighter on the driving hours front, so off we went, rather early, which is our style. By 9am we had made it as far as Canyonville, OR where we decided to stop for a hot breakfast. Fully fortified, we continued our travels into Aurora, OR for fuel and then into Lacy, WA to GeeCee's truck stop for the night. It continued to rain off and on, but the wind had decided to take a break from punishing us any further.

While enjoying another episode of Dexter, my phone rang last night and it was a friend of Craig's who is a newly trained driver for TWT. Seems he was lost in the LA area trying to find his way to the company yard in Bloomington. Boy don't we know how that feels. I remember the first couple of times we tried to find it when Craig was new as well, so we were more than happy to talk him out of the neighborhood he was in and get him headed in the right direction. With him safely pulled into the company yard, we called it a night and grabbed some sleep.

This morning, up at 2am, we did our normal morning routine and headed towards Puyallup, WA to deliver the bananas at the Fred Meyer's DC. There were three of us there this morning making deliveries, and two of us remain to pick up loads later today headed to Spokane. That will give us an opportunity to swing by licensing and pick up the 2010 IFTA sticker and new registration for the truck. Then hopefully we'll get a load tomorrow heading us south to French Camp to start that R&R we are looking forward to.

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