Thursday, June 28, 2012


Craig and Justin have been dispatched to pick up chicken in Livingston, CA and deliver it into Denver, CO.  I can't help but send out prayers and positive thoughts to the people being effected by the fires in the Colorado Springs area.  Let's hope the fire can be contained as soon as possible with no loss of life.

This run into Colorado will be much easier, since they know the routine of where to drop and places to stay.  The miles aren't as good as the South Carolina run, but it's always nice to have a little change of pace every once in awhile.
I decided to tackle a project that has been on my list of things to do for four years.  Now of course, the majority of that time I have been on the truck, so I should be given some slack, but now that I am home for the next 6 months, I figured I better start completing some of those projects.
Since I found a solution to my skinny wall space, with the wood scrabble tiles, I decided to finish off the bathroom with a window treatment.  The small window, which is only 13 inches wide, has been covered by a paper shade for the past four years.  Granted the window is opaque and you can't see through it, but it still needed a little something to jazz it up.
I went to my old standby, burlap, and also bought some nice backing material.  Since I don't have a sewing machine, I went the easy route and bought fabric fusion tape to finish the edges and adhere the backing to the burlap.  Then I decided to go a little whimsicle, and do black polka dots on the burlap to tie in with the black scrabble tiles and picture frames.

Ataching a wood brace at the top, I screwed the treatment into the inside of the window frame and called it a job done.  In hindsight, I think I would have done the polka dots differently, but it was the only stencil I could find, and it does look better than the paper shade.  Like the vase I did earlier, there isn't much cost involved, so I may just do something different later on, now that I now how the mechanics of putting it together works.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I love having fresh flowers in the house.  Did I tell you I'm actually managing to keep flowers alive in the flower beds and hanging baskets?  That is a first for me.  I'm even attempting to go a few vegetables in a bed next to our shed.  I'll let you know how that goes as the summer progresses.
Anyhoo......back to having fresh flowers in the house.  I bought this bouquet last week, and loved having a place to display them.  What I didn't like?   The vase in which you see the stems and water, because let's face it, after a day the water looks dirty, and I guess I'm just too lazy to change it every day so I came up with another idea.

I had some twine in my box of craft supplies, and decided to cover about 3/4 of the vase in the twine.  Liking the look, but thinking that it needed something more, I broke out my rubber stamps and went to town on it, reminiscent of the dresser that Cori and I had created last month.
I loved how it turned out, but to be honest, I wish I had stepped out of my comfort zone and went with a brighter, more fun color which I had staring me in the face the whole time I was working on this project but never used. (that's where having your BFF around would have been to my benefit, who is more daring in color choices than me) Even a combination of colors would have worked out well too!  Who knows, I may decide to do the whole thing over, it was that much fun to create.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's been wet, cold, and windy up in our little town in Northeastern Washington.  Thankfully, we both enjoy that kind of weather, and with Craig back out on the truck for another four weeks, I found myself with time to start on a couple of projects I've had tucked within the recesses of my brain.
Since bringing home my latest beauty, (the distressed dresser in the living room), and placing all my lovely Farm Chicks finds on it, I thought it could use a little something.  With plenty of burlap on hand, I thought I would made a runner for it, and embellish it with crochet doilies and a handmade burlap rosette.
First order of business was to decide just how long I wanted it to be, as I wanted the doily to hang just over the edge of the dresser.  Next I had to cut the round doily in half and seal the cut edge.  After ironing a seam around the cut burlap, I glued the doily to the runner with fabric glue and hot glued the burlap rosettes on.  I think it turned out pretty good.
Second up on my list of craft projects to start was some wood scrabble tiles.  I had Craig cut them for me out of some scrap wood he had in our shed before he left home.  I then painted them white, pressed on some vinyl letters and numbers, and then painted them again with black paint.  After they were dried, I peeled off the vinyl and viola!  I had a long skinny section in our bathroom that was just screaming out for something special, and I think these scrabble tiles fill the void quite nicely.

Of course a day of crafting, especially with a hot glue gun, wouldn't be complete without a blister, and I did not disappoint the blister trolls.  I looking forward to a quick healing so that I can jump back into a few other projects that are just crying out to be completed.

Friday, June 15, 2012


We live in a small town.  Three hundred people, one tiny post office, a gas station/mini mart, a diner, and a bakery with also has a laundromat. Not much activity goes on around the town, so if you want some excitement, you need to drive 15 miles to the big city of Newport, WA.  Population around 2,100 people and I'm happy to report that there is indeed a Starbucks inside the Safeway grocery store!
While Craig has been home during his time off, he happily passed his DOT physical, (won't have to worry about that for two years),  made the mandatory stop at the hardware store for some supplies for a couple of minor "honey-do) requests, and last night, for the first time, we enjoyed an evening at the local movie theater in town, The Roxy.
When we first moved here, they only showed movies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.  They must be under new management, because now they are open every evening, (no daytime matinees), and even managed to divide the old building into three viewing theaters.  Not too shabby for a small town cinema.
We enjoyed "Snow White and the Huntsman", along with about 20 other people who ventured out last night.  Know what else was pretty cool?   Only $3.00 for a large popcorn, instead of the really inflated prices we have paid in the past. Craig and I both agreed it was a real treat to get out to the big town for a date night, and something we'll have to make a habit of whenever he comes in for home time.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


It been a long 5 weeks since the last time Craig was at home.  We extended his stay out on the road, because his primary care physician was on vacation last week.  It's time for his annual DOT physical exam, and we all know how much fun those can be, especially when your livelihood is at stake if you don't pass. 

Craig is in great shape, but he does have the "white coat syndrome" when it comes to having his blood pressure taken.  At home it is a perfect 115/75, but take him to the doctor and have them take it.......well it goes sky high.  Just the thought of having to be seen by a different doctor, when I told him his doctor was on vacation during his normal scheduled time off, was enough to have him stay out an extra week.  I'll be happy when we get through the appointment and can relax.

In other trucking news, Craig and Justin got a run all the way to South Carolina last week.  It was suppose to be a great run, but they had issues with the ABS braking system on the trailer, and had to stop a couple of times to get it fixed.  Then, while going through dreaded Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, the air conditioning on the truck went out, but wouldn't you know it, as soon as they hit cooler weather, it started again.  Go figure.  They haven't had any issues with it since.

I'll be going to bed early tonight as I'll be heading into Spokane at 5am to pick up Craig after their delivery to a Fred Meyer Store early tomorrow morning.  I've already made some of his favorite things....baked spaghetti, a killer berry cobbler, and a tasty pasta salad.  All that's left to do is do a quick stop at Home Depot for a few things and we'll be enjoying four days together at home.  Now if only we didn't have that doctor appointment to deal with!

Monday, June 04, 2012


It was with a heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to my cousins and best friend this morning.  What an incredible weekend we had!  The good times talking and laughing, the great meals, the huge margaritas, and need I even mention the SHOPPING?
The one thing that cheered me up on my drive home, was knowing that I would soon be placing the items purchased at Farm Chicks onto the newly repurposed dresser that I painted while at Cori's house last week. 
I couldn't be happier with the paint color of the dresser.  I took a chance using Milk Paint instead of the usual Chalk Paint we have used over the past year.  The Milk Paint is less expensive and on rough, dry wood, it achieves the perfect look for that "old as the hills/shabby chic" look we all love.  I haven't decided if i will change out the hardware yet, as I just gave what it had a coating of satin black spray paint.

Now onto the treasures I found.  First up are the above trio of vintage alarm clocks. The past 6 month, I have been searching Ebay and Etsy for these little darlings, but could never find anything for less than $25.00.  Well imagine my shock, when I happened upon these at one of the first booths we stopped at.  I could hardly contain my glee when I noticed they were marked down over 60% from the price they were selling them on Saturday.  One more great reason to shop Sunday at Farm Chicks!
My next purchase was one that did not threaten to break my piggy bank at just $1.00  It was a plastic "S" that was previously used to spell out words on an old changeable sign.  My cousins looked at me like I had two heads when I purchased it, but Cori knew instinctively, exactly how I was going to use it.
Not even a good hour into our roaming the booths, I stumbled upon this vintage black telephone, (which still works they assured me).  I fell in love immediately and knew I wanted to purchase it, but told myself to check out some more booths before jumping on it.  I didn't get but 50 feet away from it before I panicked that someone else would buy it before I returned, so I quickly made my way back to it and claimed my prize.
I was also on the hunt for a lamp shade for a vintage floor lamp I purchased during my stay in Walla Walla with Cori.  I searched most of the day and finally found this beauty, however it was being sold with a lamp I did not need.  Luckily for me, again with it being Sunday, and only a couple of hours before the end of the show, the vendor was more than willing to sell me just the shade at a price that was just right.  Now all I need is a Tomas Edison light bulb and it will be complete just as it is.
My last purchase of the day was the wire cloche, which is ttraditionally used in gardens to protect small plants from birds and other critters.  I used it to encompass my alarm clocks, plastic sign letter, and vintage wooden spool.  I think it makes a great little vignette on my new/old dresser.
This years Farm Chick experience was the polar opposite of what it was last year as vendors.  Cori and I have both said that we enjoyed the journey of what it takes to put on a show such as this, but it is way more enjoyable doing the shopping instead of the selling. 

Sunday, June 03, 2012


Finally, the day we have waited for has arrived!  I was so excited to be exposing my cousins from California to the Farm Chick experience, and not wanting to scare them with the intensity of the Saturday opening day, we opted to go on the more relaxed, and much less crowded Sunday show.  Granted, a lot of great stuff had already been snatched up the day before, but we were none the wiser, since we had no idea what we might have missed out on.  Win/Win in my opinion.
I will have to wait to show you my treasures that I purchased until tomorrow when I return home and place them onto the repurposed dresser I painted while in Walla Walla, but I did win the award for the first and quickest purchase of the day.  One can never wait too long while at Farm Chicks to make that first incredible purchase.
Cori and I both noticed that some of the major vendors from previous years were not present this year, but the show did not disappoint.  There was an abundance of all thing vintage, from furniture and jewelry, along with industrial metals and lighting.  We even saw a few things which we are chomping at the bit to get our teeth into and try for ourselves.
My cousins were impressed and overwhelmed as is usually the case with a first time Farm Chick experience, but it didn't take long for them to make their first purchase as well.  We spent well over 5 hours walking through four large halls at the Spokane Fairgrounds, and by the end of that time our feet were telling us it was time to call it a day.
Once back at the hotel, it was fun sharing all of our purchases with each other and the fun and interesting things we saw while walking around. We're already making plans for another Farm Chicks get together.

Saturday, June 02, 2012


So today we warmed up to the whole Farm Chicks experience by going shopping at Kohl's.  I know, not exactly vintage, but a girls gotta shop when she can when she is in the big city for a few days.  After Kohl's we hit Monroe Street in Spokane and the many little antique/vintage/salvage stores that where scattered up and down the street.
Cori scored a few things at several of the stores we went into, including some roper boots and a great dress which I hope to be able to capture while we are shopping our hearts out at the fairgrounds.  My cousins from California arrived at the hotel this evening and we immediately commandeered the lounge area of the hotel and were chatting away until we finally had to call it a night.
We are all looking forward to a full day at Farm Chicks tomorrow and seeing all the great stuff and hopefully finding a good buy or two.  Be ready to view a lot of photos of some great displays in my next post!

Friday, June 01, 2012


The start of my 2012 Farm Chicks weekend did not start out as planned.  Yesterday, I received a phone call from one of our neighbors, who informed me that our hot water heater was spewing water out and around our the side of our home.  Certainly not the phone call you want to receive when you are 240 miles away from home. 

The aforementioned neighbor was nice enough to shut off our water and switch off the electricity to the unit before any major damage could be done.  What they couldn't shut off. was the cost of a plumber and having the hot water heater being replaced by special order and priority shipping, to keep the inconvenience of no hot water to a minimum.
So instead of having a fun pre-Farm Chicks day of thrift store shopping in downtown Spokane, Cori and I drove up to my house and met the plumber and receive the news of the untimely death of my hot water heater.  We were however, able to salvage the trip we had planned to Chaps for dinner.
Chaps has long been a haven for Farm Chick attendees, and their salvage/vintage decor did not disappoint.  The food and cocktails were also a big hit and as Cori and I finished up our meal with a very decadent dessert, we noticed the growing number of hungry customers lining up outside to begin their own dining experience.
After dinner we checked into our hotel, but only after stopping at the Safeway across the street to partake in the inaugural purchasing of  some liquor to start our weekend off.  As of June 1st, we no longer are limited to purchasing our favorite adult beverage at state run liquor stores,  The clerk even commented that it looked like it was New Years Eve with the amount of people that were purchasing alcohol today.
Safely tucked into our room, we toasted to a great weekend and ended up chatting away for 4 hours.  It's now almost midnight and time for this Farm Chick to put the chickens to bed and rest up for what will not doubt be a great day of shopping in the morning.


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