Friday, January 15, 2010


Sheez......will y'all get your minds out of the gutter. I know where your minds went with the title of this entry...........ahem......or maybe it's just my dirty little mind! But a little pre trip entertainment we did partake in this morning before heading out to pick up our load of frozen french fries in Quincy, WA but I'll explain what it was a little later on in the post.

Yesterday we finished up delivering to four different Fred Meyer stores in the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area. You want to know what is great about these types of runs? Most of the stores all have a Starbucks inside! We only had to wait until our third delivery, when the store was open for business, before we had a nice hot Starbucks coffee in our hands fueling us on to our last stop in Idaho. Then it was off to the yard to await the dispatch that would send us south for our home time request in French Camp. That dispatch didn't come across the computer until 5pm, and since Craig's 14 hour clock was only an hour away from running out, we stayed put and enjoyed an early night of relaxing and watching TV. This morning, we got up and walked over to the lounge to enjoy our morning coffee and do our laundry. Then it was off to track down the forklift guy to load some pallets into the trailer. With that accomplished, we decided to drive over to the Petro truck stop across the street and take in a movie courtesy of the management, hence the pre trip entertainment. We enjoyed the movie "Knowing", and then grabbed a subway sandwich and hit the road.We are picking up at Columbia Cold Storage in Quincy, WA. This is the third time we have been there and Craig has been already doing the math on the load knowing that we will have only about 20 pounds short of the 80,000 pound limit on the truck and trailer. I swear they shove every last possible frozen french fry that they can into these loads, but as long as his math is correct and we scale out good, it is the load that will get us to time off.

Scaling turned out to be right on the money and we are off. Our plan is to make it at least as far as La Pine, OR tonight, if not further, and then into French Camp Saturday night. Our four days are already jam packed with activities and then it will be all too soon to head out to the truck for another two months out on the road.

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rosemary said...

That water shot looks like our yard....reaching the YIKES level.


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