Wednesday, January 06, 2010


We dragged our tired butts into the Petro in Corning, CA right on schedule at 6am and managed to fuel up the truck and reefer before finding a parking spot and crashing into bed. As is usually the case after pulling an all nighter, we only managed about 5 hours of sleep before we were both awake. With several hours on our hands before being able to leave, we decided to take showers and then use some Flying J coupons to get us something to eat.

Now this may surprise you, but if you haven't yet tried the fish tacos at the Flying J, you are really short changing yourself. I know, I doesn't seem quite right, but trust me, if you can find one that is still offering their southwestern menu items which include the fish tacos and carnitas plate, treat yourself and enjoy. You can thank me for it later. With bellys full, Craig took a little nap while I continued my Dexter marathon watching on my laptop. At the appointed hour of 4:30pm, we took off for our delivery with a stop in Ripon, CA for fuel. Arriving a hour early in Livingston, CA for our appointment, we met up with the security guard at the gate who checked us in, and when asked if we could stay on their property after unloading, gave us two thumbs up to park wherever we could that was out of the way of the yard goat. What a change from most places where they can't wait to get you off their premises and on your way. Sure saved us the trouble of trying to find a place to park so late in the evening/morning hours when parking is at a premium at the truck stops.

We were unloaded by midnight and sleeping like babies soon after. Upon awaking this morning we advised dispatch of the 24 empty pallets in the back of the trailer and were directed to take them to Stockton to drop them off. We currently sit at the Company yard awaiting our next assignment. Guess I can't put off doing a load of laundry any longer. Might as well take advantage of a little down time while I can.

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Somewhere in time said...

I love hearing where you have been up and down the West Coast.
Late hubby was a trucker, I would go with him to Santa Barbara "Trader Joes". I worked in Vernon for 15 years. Sorry about the ticket you got there.........
Thanks for the view from the passenger seat.


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