Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As soon as I knew when Craig would be taking some home time, I made arrangements for us to take a mini getaway, just the two of us. Now you would think after spending days on end, 24/7 together, doing nothing but driving, the last thing we would want, is to do exactly the same thing on home time. But early Tuesday morning, we loaded up our pickup and took off driving and ended up in Half Moon Bay, CA. I must tell you though, we seemed to have picked one of the worst weeks in weather history to spend in California, with torrential rains, winds, and a system of storms lined up 5 deep in the Pacific Ocean.Once we managed to suffer through the morning commute traffic, which by the way, never thinned out, we arrived at the coast and into the welcome arms of plenty of sunshine and blue skies. Seems for a least a few hours we would be between storm systems and we took advantage of it by spending some time sightseeing and enjoying a lunch looking out over the water.Presently, we are enjoying some R&R inside our hotel room, with a fire roaring in the fireplace, and the rain and wind trying to get back into the act again outside our sliding door. But we have no worries, we are just enjoying our alone time together and watching the latest Harry Potter movie on pay per view. Life for us really doesn't get much better than this.


Cori said...

Diane--these photos are gorgeous! I need an "ocean fix" in a bad way. I'm envious! I will look forward to a visit to the ocean in March.

So glad you two were able to have this getaway. HMB is really a special place.

love to you,

Barb said...

Where abouts in CA is Half Moon Bay? Love the pics of water and sunshine. Enjoy your R&R!

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Hi Barb....HMB is abouth 25 miles south of San Francisco, right on Highway 1

Mom said...

Beautiful. Enjoy

all things bradbury said...

this sounds like a little slice of heaven, no matter what the weather is up to.....enjoy!!


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