Monday, August 26, 2013


There's one thing we can always count on out on the road, and that is to see some things you just don't ordinarily see on any given day.  The other day really made us stop and laugh out loud.  We were rolling along Interstate 90 in Washington and up ahead we see a car pulled over to the side of the road. 

Nothing too strange about that, except we see a young lady squatting down taking care of nature's business, right out in the open, which we don't see every day.  Just as we approach the vehicle and move to the outside lane, she stops mid stream, so to speak, to raise her right arm frantically up and down, signaling the international sign for a truck driver to blow the air horn on the truck.  With no other traffic around us, we felt it only right to oblige her request, laughing for a good few miles down the road.

Monday, August 12, 2013


We've settled into the new way of driving being on the 25% team.  Long gone are the days of driving 11 hours, stopping just long enough to put in your mandatory break, and then taking off for another day of 11 hours of driving.  With trips of no longer than 200-400 miles, the days are now quite relaxing, although I must confess there are still days, or should I say nights of driving.  But as Craig says, 5 hours driving at night isn't as bad as 11 hours. 

We're discovering new joints to take the place of the ones we had to give up when we went regional.  No longer can we plan on a great meal at Dos Amigos in Weed, CA, but we can count on a fantastic meal at Ramblin' Jacks Rib Eye in Chehalis, Washington, off exit 72 on Interstate 5.
We first noticed this place a few years ago when it was closed and under a refurbishing.  After it was reopened, we just never had time to stop there long enough to check it out.  That all changed last week when we were sent to Chehalis to drop our trailer at the Fred Meyer DC there, and await a load for later in the evening.  We were happy to walk across the parking lot from the truck stop to enjoy a late lunch.

We were not disappointed, and can see why Ramblin' Jacks is known as Chehalis' best restaurant.  We started our meal with deep fried dill pickles, and made a mental note to try the deep fried bacon and gravy as an appetizer the next time we stop there.  Craig had a tri tip french dip sandwich, and I had a bacon/blue cheese burger, but swapped out regular fries for sweet potato fries.  We only finish half of our lunch as we wanted to leave room to try a dessert.

We opted for the cowboy cookie, which was a warm chocolate chip cookie, piled high with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce.  We we both happy that we had only eaten half of our lunch, as we had no problem finishing off the dessert.  They offer quite an array of dessert with include fresh from scratch fruit pies in season.
With our to go boxes in hand, we left Ramblin' Jacks knowing that at the first opportunity, we would be returning to enjoy a great meal.  If you're ever in the area, you should make it a point to stop and maybe take on the "Cattle Drive Challenge" which is a 1.5 pound burger, with fries and topped off with a 1 pound cinnamon roll.  Go ahead..... I dare you.


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