Monday, January 11, 2010


Craig and I have this conversation quite a lot and always come to the same conclusion.........that most people would think we are crazy if they could ever covertly listen to our conversations inside the truck on a daily basis. Truth be known, we crack ourselves up every day, and over stuff that every normal person would say to themselves "HUH"? We often wonder if other couples living this 24/7, confined to a small space relationship, suffer with this same phenomenon.

I wish I could give you examples, but I know they would fall short of even giving you a glimpse into our world, but I'll try just to say I told you so. Driving down the road, each lost in a made up little world in our minds, one of us will suddenly shout out "hey" eliciting one of two responses from the other, either another "hey" in return, or the "what"?, but in reality the original "hey", was just an acknowledgement of a "hay truck" passing us by. It never fails to crack us up and now I rest my case that probably don't understand it, and #2.........we were just meant to be together.....crazy or not.


Mom said...

We do that all the time.
"Did you .."
"Yea, remember.."
"Oh yea. 37"
and we both laugh

Anonymous said...

keep the stories coming they are good and you one of the few that update on a regular base.

all things bradbury said...

if you guys are crazy then so are can't pass a walmart anywhere, whether we're needing supplies or not, without one of us going, "walmart"....and the other replies..."walmart"......
when we had babygirl we used to have alot of conversations that consisted of the one who walked her filling the other in on what she did while on the outing.....we used to laugh that we spent wayyyyy too much time talking about the dog's poop!


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