Friday, January 08, 2010


I find the longer Craig and I are married, the more we seem to take on each other's traits. I find him to be much more organized and methodical, and me?? Well I seemed to have embraced his philosophy of " Why do what you can today, when you can put it off until tomorrow ". Such was the case in the yard in French Camp when I knew I should do laundry, but I so easily talked myself into putting off. In hindsight, it was a great move, because we ended up not sitting long at all before our next assignment came over the computer.

We were dispatched to Fresh Express in Salinas, CA to pick up a produce load with two deliveries in Clackamas and Milwaukie, OR. This was one of the few times we have been dispatched to Fresh Express and picked up the load the same day. Usually it requires you to drop the trailer the day or night before, then sit around the next day waiting for the dispatch information. Down side to the not sitting around thing was that Craig's driving hours were looking a bit on the slim side.

Having a couple of hours to sit and wait on the load once we arrived in Salinas, Craig crunched the numbers and worked it out on the computer with his driving log program, and with fitting in a split sleeper berth option, we would have just enough time available Wednesday night and then all day Thursday to make it to our deliveries this morning. With his hours still not looking too healthy, we were shocked when we put in our empty call, expecting to be able to sit the rest of the day in order to accumulate some hours on the book.

But as they say, if you're using all your hours, you're keeping busy, and with the beep of the computer we were headed to Wallua, WA to the Tyson meat plant to pick up a load of meat headed to Vernon and Oxnard, CA. It didn't take too long, especially with the short turnaround this load had on it, to figure out that we would in deed not be able to make it to the LA area by Monday morning. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what kind of swap or drop we end up doing on this load. Right now we're going to both procrastinate and put off checking to see if the trailer is ready early and grab us a good night's sleep first.

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The Daily Rant said...

What's wrong with putting off doing the laundry? I do that all the time! LOL Of course, I usually regret it, because the when time comes around again to DO that laundry, I usually have eight loads!!! I never learn.


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