Monday, August 31, 2009


It is HOT outside, and being on the black asphalt of a truck stop parking lot, doesn't make it any better. I've just spent more than a week with near or at 100 degrees every day, and it hasn't gotten any better out on the road. Although....the APU is set at a cool 55 degrees and we can keep the inside of the truck just as we like it.....COLD. Which makes me very happy, especially in light of what Texas has recently done.

I'm all about saving the environment, going green, saving a tree, and so forth. But the save the planet people in Texas, which seriously, I didn't think Texas thought of anything but football and beef, have decided to outlaw the idling of any semi truck from April to October. I've been to Texas in the summer, and it ain't pretty. I say we gather all the people behind this and make them sleep in a truck, in the middle of the day, with the temperature sitting at 100, and see how long they can last.

So anyhotcrossbuns, I was reunited with Craig last night, and his load of frozen french fries. After a very restful night's sleep, and fortified with a fresh cup of coffee this morning, we headed out, but with a pit stop planned for Selma for a visit with Craig's parents. It has been awhile since we have had a trip where we had extra time and this one fit just the bill.

We had a great visit, a fantastic lunch, and a stop at Wal Mart to refill a prescription, and we were on our way, but not without a couple of plates of Craig's favorite cookies. Didn't I tell you he is one of the most spoiled men out there??? We also were fortified with enough magazines to keep us entertained for quite awhile.

We are presently sitting at the Petro in Wheeler Ridge, staging for our 11am delivery tomorrow in Long Beach, CA. We have the heat shields activated and all the windows blacked out. I'm hoping when we wake in the morning that Summer will be just that much closer to leaving the building. Oh, and don't forget to say your rabbit, rabbit, rabbit first thing in the morning. It certainly couldn't hurt!

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