Monday, August 17, 2009


As I mentioned yesterday, we did manage to pull ourselves out of bed this morning to enjoy a nice hot breakfast. It was quite filling, and it's now 4pm and we still aren't hungry if that tells you anything. We managed to lie around and just be lazy until around 11am, when we finally pulled over to the truck stop to get a light weight scale ticket for the Shipper. Then it was off to get pallets. This was a new place for us, but so very convenient, as it was just down the street from Columbia Cold Storage. We had to wait our turn, there were a couple of other trucks ahead of us, but within 10 minutes we had our 24 pallets and were headed to check in for our load of frozen french fries. It was definitely a busy Monday, as there were trucks parked everywhere, either checking in, checking out, or getting loaded. Craig got his dock assignment and we had to to wait until it was empty. When I looked at the dock, I noticed that once again, we had managed to find one of my Cousin's trucks, "Van Laar Trucking". I haven't ever been successful in actually talking to my cousin, it has always been one of his drivers in the truck, so I didn't even bother asking this time. I guess I should have, because the driver who got into the truck was a dead ringer for my Mom's side of the family. Oh well, maybe next time.As busy as they were, we were loaded in quick secession and on our way back to the truck stop to scale. Craig had made a guess on where the axles needed to be, and he was right on his estimation, as we scaled out legal and started our trek to the Company yard in Spokane, WA only 130 miles away. It is still undecided if we will drop this load in the morning to deal solely with the QualComm computer problem, or if we will keep the load and deliver tomorrow at 11:15am. In either case, we are hoping to have the computer fixed first thing in the morning. We will take advantage of having our pick up at the yard and make a Wal Mart run to replenish our cupboards and then take time out for showers and laundry. It's days like this you just really can't call it work.

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