Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Having been a California resident for most of my life, I have become accustomed to hearing about major fires, burning hundreds of acres of land. In fact, on Sunday evening, while in French Camp, CA we watched every local channel broadcast a fire in Auburn, CA which burned several businesses and more than 40 residences. In the midst of that coverage, we were also informed of the fires burning in the Angeles National Forest. Upon our decent into the Los Angeles Basin, we were starkly reminded of those fires. I doubt the pictures I took can adequately represent the magnitude of the fires that are burning so dangerously close to the urban areas of Pasadena along Interstate 210. The massive columns of smoke, back lit by the rising sun made it clear to anyone, that these fires were a force to be reckon with. With the cost of the fire already topping 21 million dollars, and the acreage nearing 150,000 acres of land, over 60 residences and 3 commercial buildings lost, we can not help but also mourn two brave firefighters who lost their lives, in order to save others. Knowing that Craig, in his younger years, worked these very type of fires, as a member of CDF, now known as Cal Fire, it puts a more personal aspect to what is happening around us. We pray that these terrible fires are contained quickly, and that no more loss of life, or property is suffered. We are thankful to live in a Country that has the best of the best in public safety, from those fighting on the front lines, to the ones who are often over looked, that work just as hard, inside every communications center involved in such an undertaking. May God bless and comfort each and every one of you!


all things bradbury said...

so true and so well written!...we saw the fires on monday and were saddened to hear how much they had we are in phoenix picking up a load to head back to la, so i guess we will see .....
thanks for sharing your guys stay safe out there!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Nicely written. Denise


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