Friday, August 07, 2009


Okay, so allow me one more non trucking post before we head out to the truck tomorrow morning to hit the road again. As you know, last week I was in Walla Walla visiting my friend Cori. A mandatory must for both of us when we are there, is to visit an establishment named "Real Deals". If you know of this store, I have no doubt you have experienced the joys of it's offerings. If you aren't familiar with it, check online, and pray you have one close to you. You will never be the same again! At my last visit, I found a leather framed mirror and an adorable lamp which finally completes my mantle area of the living room. Would you believe the mirror was $75 and the lamp only $20 including the shade? See what I mean? This store is a designer's dream come true. I still need to have a few of my photographs framed and they will be added to the wall, but for now, I couldn't be happier with the mirror. From my chair, I can look into it and see the reflection of the river, pine trees, and mountains just outside our window. While I was busy inside, Craig, ever the MacGyver, went about constructing a device in which to knock down the yellow jacket nest that was growing under our front porch. From the safety of our living room, I watched as he was not only successful in knocking down the nest, but in not getting stung as well. After that little escapade, we celebrated with a cold beer.We have enjoyed our home time, but the road is calling our names. I'm looking forward to getting out and documenting our travels and taking photographs of what catches my eye. Life out on the road is never boring, and we are both excited to start our next trip.


Mom said...

Traveling mercies as you head down the road again.

Cori said...

The mirror and lamp look fabulous! What great accessories for the focal point of your room. I can't wait to visit there again in the fall. The arrangements look just right alos. And those coasters!!!! LOL! I'll have to make some more and experiment. Love your house and love you!

rosemary said...

I will for sure have to look up Real there one in our neck of the woods? Brave Craig.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Rosemary -
There is one in Spokane Valley off of I90 on marrietta. These stores are only open on Thursdays and Saturdays. Well worth the trip for items for your home or for gifts. So reasonably priced too!


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