Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Or should I say nights? Yesterday, we tried, as we so often have, to force ourselves to get some sleep in anticipation of a midnight delivery. Try as we might, I doubt either one of us got more than an hour or two at best. At 10pm we trudged into the driver's lounge to take showers, and then fueled the truck and reefer. At 11:45pm we were parked in front of the Receiver and that is where it all started to go so wrong. Flash back quite a few months ago, and we were at this same Receiver, in the very early morning hours, sitting in exactly the same spot we are right now. And when I say right now????? I'm talking it's 7:30am and we haven't moved, and the reefer is still happily humming away, but back to our previous experience here.

We had been given a tight schedule, and dispatch had been informed that the delivery time would not be able to be met, but we were told to just go into the Receiver and that they would unload us when they could. Famous last words. This Receiver, come to find out, only receives from 7pm to 3am, and with us pulling up in front of their lot at 4am, we knew any unloading was not going to happen. We ended up dropping that load in the yard for another driver to deliver at a later time.

Flash forward now to us sitting in our truck, knowing that we are here during "normal" unloading times, and get the notification from the security guard that they will not accept our load. What the #&!%.......... Craig kindly inquires as to what is the problem, since we had an appointment time scheduled, and he was told, "we do not accept frozen loads after 9pm". You would think someone would have told our customer service that when the appointment was made, right???

Anyway, (deep sigh inserted here), long story short, we called our people, who took all the information down, informed us to stay where we were, that customer service would work on it in the morning, and to call our dispatcher at 6am. Check, check, and check. All done and still waiting to hear something back. Oh, and need I mention that we had a second delivery we were suppose to make at 6:30am?????

All I got to say is thank goodness there is a cookie factory right next door to our Company yard in Bloomington, and that said cookie factory was visited yesterday by two people who shall remain nameless to protect their identity, but that while there, they purchased some cookies at their outlet store at the special price of 10 cents a piece. This is exhibit A........the aforementioned 6 inch big iced sugar cookie:
And this is what is left of it.......and it's only 7:45am. Sometimes cookies do make life just that much sweeter.


rosemary said...

who makes the "rules" at this place? Tinker Bell?

Mom said...

Cookies do help to ease the frustrations of life.

Cori said... glad the cookie fairy came by the turck to visit's true...she does make life a little bit sweeter...


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