Thursday, August 20, 2009


All day yesterday we sat and watched as there was a lot of the meeting of the minds:A lot of coffee drinking:And a lot of playing games on the computer:What there hasn't been is a lot of, is movement of any of the trucks that are parked in the yard.

But today is a new day and with it comes some good news. At around 10am we were finally dispatched to pick up frozen french fries in Kennewick, OR at Columbia Cold Storage and deliver them to the WinCo Distribution Center in Woodburn, OR tomorrow morning.

On top of that, we were also sent a pre plan dispatch to dead head to Hermiston, OR Friday after our unload, to pick up yet more frozen french fries, that are destined for San Bernardino, CA Monday morning. Today has turned out to be a good day after all!

1 comment:

rosemary said...

coffee, computers, camaraderie....sounds pretty good to me.


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