Wednesday, August 19, 2009


They seem to be taking the lazy trucker thing just a bit too far, because we are ready to hit the road again. After getting into the yard Monday night, and deciding that we just didn't feel like running errands, we waited until Tuesday morning for our chores. First on the agenda, showers, then laundry, and then a quick trip into Wal Mart. By the time we were finished, the computer guy was at work and quickly went to task about seeing what was wrong with our QualComm. First he changed out the satellite antenna, and when that didn't work, he swapped out our ancient out dated "black box" for a new one, and that seemed to do the trick. We were now back on the radar screen and fully operational, and done well before our 11am delivery appointment.Our delivery at the Inland Empire Cold Storage facility, was like a throw back to old school deliveries. You can see from the photos that the street wasn't even paved, just gravel with the railroad tracks still running along side the docks. I could certainly imagine how it must have been back in the days delivering to this place. After being unloaded we headed back to the yard, and that is where we still are this morning. Seems quite a few drivers have been routed through the Spokane yard, mainly to get their trucks turned down to the new 62MPH maximum. With that comes the meeting of the minds at the outdoor picnic table. It's been fun watching as they gather, then scatter like cockroaches at any given moment, and then gather once again. If it's one thing I have noticed over the years, truckers love to talk and B.S., and there has been plenty of time to do that. Word on the street this morning is that we should be hearing about a load this afternoon. We are both more than ready to hit the road again. Being lazy only works for us a short while before the lure of the road is calling our names.

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