Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Craig was loaded down with juice and was just a few hundred pounds under 80,000 lbs as he made his way over the Grapevine on his way north to Auburn, WA. He had called me to let me know things went smoothly at the Shipper, and after doing the calculations, he said it was going to be a very tight run, hours wise, and that it would require some middle of the night start times the next couple of days. He had decided to come into the Company yard in French Camp for his 10 hour break, and that is where I put my plan into action.I figured two can play at this ransom game with Craig. We all know how motivated he is for food, and although Iwas reasonablly certain he would pick me back up on his next run south, I thought I would just sweeten the deal a bit. When he let me know approximately what time he would be arriving, I planned my departure to stop first at the bakery down the street from my Mom's house and purchased a half dozen fresh baked weenie roll ups and a few brownie cupcakes. But the real Coup d'├ętat was going by his favorite Chinese Restaurant and getting his favorite dinner combination to go.At the yard, I waited as I saw him pull in, fuel up, and then back into a space. After parking next to the truck and getting a few hugs and kisses, I gathered up my goodies and made my attack on his senses. First, I had a couple of new t-shirts that I had purchased for him, which of course I knew wouldn't even raise a glimmer of any excitement from him when he took them from my hands. Then I showed him the weenie roll ups and the gleam in his eye got just a bit brighter. The brownie cupcakes made him smile, but the look on his face when I surprised him with the Chinese food??? PRICELESSYou can see from the photo that he all but licked his container clean of the food, and I was left with his thanks and the comment that I was the "best wife ever". Yes, you may be thinking that he is just about the luckiest and most spoiled truck driver around, when it comes to getting all kinds of goodies from his Mother, my Mother, and myself. I may be biased, but he is totally worth it, and I plan on spoiling him for many years to come.

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Anonymous said...

Diane - welcome back to the Valley. Did you get his Chinese Food in Modesto? I don't eat out often, but sometimes you just "gotta" have a good plate of Chinese....



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