Friday, August 28, 2009


After getting up at 1am and making the drive into Auburn, WA Thursday morning, Craig was out of hours on his 70 hour clock. Not much left for him to do but limp back to the Company drop yard in Pacific, WA and make himself comfortable. Before the day was over, he was at least given his next assignment. This country must be on a real potato faze lately, because it seems that is all we are delivering. The dispatch was to be in Kennewick, WA at Columbia Cold Storage to pick up frozen french fries this morning at 9am.

While Craig was on his way there, I was busy having my hair cut in preparation of his projected arrival in French Camp to pick me up on Sunday afternoon. It's nice to have the short hair while on the truck, but along with it comes frequent cuts. I'll have to arrange another quick stop of in Modesto before we take home time in October for yet another cut and color.

As I type this, Craig is waiting patiently for a phone call to let him know what dock he is to go to. This particular load is scheduled to be delivered in Long Beach, CA at San Pedro Forklift on Tuesday morning. The lax time frame on this delivery will allow Craig to accumulate a few more driving hours. All he had to work with today was 7.5 hours, and with the drive from Pacific to Kennewick, coupled with the load time and scaling, he will be left with just an hour by the time he is done. That will set him up for a relaxing afternoon/evening in Pasco, WA before hitting the road first thing in the morning. Something tells me it will be another Adam 12 watching marathon for him today.

His plan is to make Weed, CA on Saturday, and then the Company yard in French Camp on Sunday, where once again, I will rejoin him on the truck. I do enjoy my time visiting, and I know it is never long enough for either my Mom or my Nieces, but even after almost 9 years of marriage, and being together 24/7 in the truck for almost 4 years, I still get butterflies of excitement in my stomach, when I get reunited with Craig........and I think that's a good thing.

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all things bradbury said...

i think the fact that you still get butterflies over craig is an excellant thing!....we were just up and down i5 this past week, from la to kent, wa and back....we kept an eye out for you guys! safe


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