Tuesday, August 04, 2009


My wonderful week long visit with my BFF Cori came to an end Monday afternoon. We had so much fun trying new recipes, and working on home improvement projects, one of which you can check out here. I was so sad leaving, but excited to know that I will be back in October for another visit, and this time with Craig!

Speaking of Craig, Monday afternoon he had a loaded trailer and was headed to Spokane for an 8pm delivery. I timed my leaving Walla Walla to coincide with his arrival and he swung by the Company yard to pick me, so that I could go with him on his delivery. Boy, I got to tell you, it sure did feel good to be in that passenger seat again.

By the time we got back to the yard, it was well past 9pm, and the thought of having to go buy groceries before home, coupled with Craig needing to let the repair shop know about some work that needed to be done on the truck in the morning, made it an easy decision to just stay put and sleep in the truck. What a great night's sleep! By 5:15am we were up, taking showers and loading the truck for the ride home. By 6am we were on the way to a nice hot breakfast at the local Perkins and with that fortification, we took on Wal Mart.

We are now at home, Craig relaxing as he should be, after 9 long weeks out on the road. We have a few appointments tomorrow, which include the dreaded DOT physical to keep Craig's commercial license legal, and also an appointment to get some new glasses. After that is done, we have absolutely nothing to do, and I think that is just what the Doctor would order!

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