Friday, August 21, 2009


Won't you be my neighbor???? This is what our neighborhood looked like last night. Just one of the many reasons we love trucking so much. The opportunity to take in the natural beauty all around us, getting plenty of fresh air, and always having some place new to call home.After a few hours at Columbia Cold Storage in Kennewick, we were scaled and headed towards Woodburn, OR. We were hoping we would find a place to stay along the route, and the rest area near Memaloose State Park had a great spot just waiting for us. Heck, we even were able to snag an analog station on the TV and watch "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" Why is it when you are watching from home, you always seem to know all the answers?Up this morning and on the road by 6am, we had a quick fuel stop in Troutdale, OR before arriving at the WinCo Distribution Center about an hour early. Didn't seem to bother them any, as we were immediately given a dock. About two hours later, and after the price gorging lumpers took their $190 dollars for unloading the french fries, we were headed right back along Interstate 84 and the Columbia River Gorge.Presently we are sitting at Americold in Hermiston, OR awaiting a dock to get yet another load of frozen french fries loaded onto our trailer. We'll spend the night here at the Shipper's lot and take off fairly early in the morning with our sights set on making Corning, CA by tomorrow evening. Then Craig will drop me off in French Camp, for a visit with my Mom, after of course, taking his ransom of macaroni salad and brownies, and make the trip down to San Bernandino by himself. I'll be sure to have plenty of goodies waiting for him when he returns to pick me up in a week!


Anonymous said...

The scenery is incredible. How far into Oregon is this? The 3rd photo reminds me of a section of Hwy 120 east of Oakdale (California) heading towards Sonora. There is an area where you can see the water lines on the rocks from prehistoric times.


Anonymous said...

Oh what beautiful pictures you take. I envy all the new sites you get to see.
Have fun and keep those pics coming.


CRAIG and DIANE said...


These pictures were taken along Interstate 84 between the Dalles and Hood River, Oregon. One of the most beautiful drives you can take and I highly recommend it to anyone. Oh.. and be sure to make a stop at the waterfalls about mile marker 28.


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