Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well it could actually........that is if they would make a Starbucks with a drive thru for semi trucks. But then we wouldn't have had the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the absolutely beautiful day we have had today. It was fun watching all the RV'ers and motorcycles scurrying about, making use of the great weather, which has neither been too hot, nor too cold. Our drop at the Wal Mart Distribution Center went according to plan in Grandview, WA this morning. Made sure to arrive just 15 minutes ahead of schedule and then sat back and started collecting our detention pay. Our QualComm computer is dead, so when Craig called into the office to let the weekend dispatcher know we were empty, his exact words were..." I know this is a short run that I'm going to be giving you, but we need to get that damn computer fixed"! Think some people don't like getting extra phone calls????

Our next assignment, after of course our deter at the Starbucks, is to get a load of frozen french fries from Columbia Cold Storage in Kennewick, WA and transport them to another cold storage facility in Spokane. That will set us up to get the truck into the shop to see if maybe "this" time, they will actually fix it. Something tells me they just might do it this time, or suffer the wrath of the dispatchers, who would rather deal with us via the computer, than tie up their time on the phone.We don't load until 1pm tomorrow, so as I type this we are headed to Pasco, WA to the truck stops just outside of Kennewick. We will enjoy excellent TV reception, (will give me a well deserved break from playing bingo), and we have decided since we have so much time in the morning, we will treat ourselves to a nice healthy breakfast at the local restaurant nearby. I think I read somewhere that bacon, biscuits, and gravy do absolutely no harm to arteries.

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The Daily Rant said...

I totally know what you mean about the Starbucks. I wished for a semi drive-in too until Ed bought this espresso machine for the truck:

I still have it when I'm out sometimes, but when I have a urge for one, whether it's at 2am or 10am, I can just whip out the machine!


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