Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Like the sound of a distant train, the beat of the hooves of an oncoming horse, or the constant ticking of the clock, we knew this day was coming. This is the second time we have endured this time in our lives, and it always starts weighing on Craig's mind about year away from the actual event. To give himself plenty of time, he decided to go through this ritual a couple of months earlier than necessary, you know, just in case. What am I talking about? The dreaded DOT physical that all commercial drivers must submit to, in order to keep their license active.Early this morning we headed out to drive back into Spokane for the exam. It seems Craig wasn't the only driver there, as the man ahead of us in line to check in, was also there to endure the same procedure. After filling out the necessary paperwork, the wait began. I knew from past experience not to try and engage Craig in conversation, and I knew I'd be taking my life in my own hands, if I even attempted to take a picture of him as he waited. You see, Craig has the classic "White Coat Syndrome", and just the thought of anyone taking his blood pressure sends his reading off the charts. As he was called into the exam room, I sent a prayer skyward that he would be able to calm his nerves to at least pass that phase of the exam with a reading of no higher than 140/90.I went through the process of turning pages of magazines, without comprehending the words or pictures for that matter, while Craig was getting, how should I say this? Getting somewhat violated by the Doctor without so much as a dinner invitation, if you know what I mean. But the look on his face said it all when he emerged through the exam door with his signed paperwork in hand.....priceless. With a new two year certification in hand, he was one very happy truck driver!


Mom said...

He has the look of a happy, relieved man.

WSU Laura said...

PHEW! Congrats.


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