Sunday, March 01, 2009


Blame it on having way too much time to scrounge around the corners of my brain for long lost bits of information, but this morning, upon waking and hearing the "good morning" from Craig, I uttered these words......"rabbit, rabbit, rabbit". It all goes back to many years ago, when Craig and I used to listen to the afternoon radio program "Don & Mike" on our daily commutes to work. It was a custom, that Don's wife Freida, would utter to him on the morning of the first day of each month, and it had to be the very first words you said. Try as he might, Don just couldn't remember to do it himself.

I had never heard of this little superstition before listening to that radio station, and Craig and I had often joked about it and remembered to say it long after the first words of the day had already been spoken. The superstition says that if these words are the first words said on the morning of the first day of each month, that you will have good luck the rest of the month. I can't imagine my life getting any better than what it is already, but hey, it's worth a try!

We had a very lazy morning yesterday. We had driven to the Flying J in Pasco, WA Friday afternoon, and found a great parking space. We actually stayed up until 10pm, a real rarity for us on the road, but was rudely awoken by the alarm at 5am, which we had forgotten to turn off. I couldn't go back to sleep, but Craig burrowed deep under his covers as I went about reorganizing my bed area and the food pantry. Craig finally peeked his head out around 8am and got up.

By 9am, we were headed to the scale to get a light load weight, as the Shipper we were headed to in Kennewick, WA loves to load you with every available pound of product they legally can. With one potato shy of 45,000 pounds, we headed back to the scale to make sure we were not over gross. With two adjustments on the trailer tandems, we were satisfied with the weights on the axles, and we headed south. Along Highway 14 on the Washington State side of the Columbia River, our eyes caught something up in the sky. Upon driving closer, we saw several people enjoying the sights high off the cliffs of the gorge, by what we think was para sailing, although they were not attached to a vehicle or boat. It certainly looked like fun, until I thought about where and how they would eventually land. In that case, let's just hope they had said their "rabbit, rabbit, rabbits".


Anonymous said...

After reading Rosemary's blog and now your mentioning of Cherry Cordials, I think I will have to go and buy some just to see how good they are. LOL

Say hello to Long Beach for me when you get there. I lived there for years and visit my best friend every summer still. Wardlow Park area. Los Coyotes Diagnial, Spring St. etc.

Have a great trip.

Barb (Barbwire)

adozeneggs said...

I'll have to remember that "rabbit rabbit rabbit".
I'm dying to listen to the Too Fat to Fish audio book. Was the chapter read by Bob Leavy hilarious??
Not sure if you guys listen to Howard Stern, but they've played clips of the recording session and it's really funny.
Artie didn't sound very good last week, so I'm not sure if he's still on a steep downward spiral.
I guess we'll see what happens in his next book!

Jennie said...

NOW you tell us. :) Please remind us again on the 31st, I could use some good luck.


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