Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have to say the last couple of days have been quite relaxing as far as trucking goes. After we were loaded down with 44,000 pounds of Purex Laundry Detergent in Ontario, CA, we decided not to try and fight commute traffic in LA and headed the 13 miles back to the yard for the night. Keeping that commute traffic in mind though, we did get up and on the road by 4:30am Friday morning to get as far away from LA as we could before everyone woke up.We had a stop in Lebec at the Flying J for fuel, and then powered our way north until we got to Corning, CA. Along the way we noticed the lush green rice fields near Arbuckle, CA. The landscape is covered with these green fields, and I am waiting for the day I get to see them actually harvest the rice from the fields. This morning we once again wanted to get an early start, but Craig had other ideas when the alarm went off at 4am. He promptly turned it off and went back to sleep for another hour. We then hit the showers, grabbed a little breakfast out of the truck and was on the road by a little after 6am. The only thing that caught my eye today was the golden hues of the fields along Highway 97 in Oregon. We had thoughts of driving all the way into Grandview, WA, but then thought "why"? We don't deliver until 9:30am and made the decision to stay in Biggs, OR right on the Columbia River where the cool breezes off the water are making it very comfortable inside the truck. We even saw one of the river boats out of Portland going down the river from the front seat of the truck. With just 85 miles to go in the morning for our delivery, we'll be in no hurry to get up early. But alas, there is no TV reception here, so that will leave Craig to continue watching his Adam 12 marathon on his computer, and I guess I'll be forced yet again to play bingo or some other computer game. You'll hear no complaints from me, Craig has promised to buy me ice cream later tonight! What a guy!

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