Saturday, October 31, 2009


Thursday night, after going successfully through the level one inspection in Banning, CA they pulled into company yard in Bloomington to catch some sleep. Friday, they stopped in Buttonwillow, CA to have Charles practice his backing skills. Craig put into use his small orange cones and Charles went to work. As Craig tells him, "I don't care how many times you have to pull up, or how long it takes you, just as long as you don't hit anything"......and so good.

As they ambled along up Interstate 5, Craig noticed the red light on the QualComm lit up. Upon inspecting further, there was information for them to swap out a load with another truck in Dunnigan, CA, just north of Sacramento. Well, this certainly wasn't expected, but it didn't come as a surprise either. The load they were getting was yet another load headed into Arizona, this time to the Tucson area where they would be delivering to 6 different stores.

Unfortunately, this new assignment didn't have the pleasure of plenty of time, so Craig crawled back into the bunk while Charles drove in an attempt to get some sleep. Craig is pulling an all nighter, as this load needs to be in Tucson by noon today. One thing is for sure, Charles sure is getting a taste of how busy the trucking world can be.......and by the way...........................

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