Saturday, October 10, 2009


On our way home from Walla Walla, WA we decided to stop off at the Country Mercantile just outside of Pasco, WA. We have seen it, and it's advertising for their big rig parking, but have not stopped...... that is until we heard someone at the corn maze we went to on Thursday night, rave about it. So just past mile marker 30 on Highway 395, we pulled into their expansive parking lot. Off to the left, during this Halloween season, they too had a corn maze, but it was what was beyond their doors that tempted us on so many levels. They have a deli, a good size home decor/souvenir area and beyond that??? The grandest area of every kind of delectable treat you can think of. They had jams and jellies, oils and sauces for cooking, salsas of every kind, and a window to look through and salivate, while workers went about making hand made candies. There were aisles of these sweet treats, and hand scooped ice cream! So as not to go overboard on the sweets, they did have an area of their fresh field grown fruits and vegetables, but Cori, sorry, no white pumpkins, just the usual large orange ones. We left a with a bag of sweet onions, sweet corn, and macadamia nut brittle. Oh yeah....we also managed to have our arm twisted to enjoy a cone of that delicious ice cream, chocolate covered cheery for Craig, and I went for the coconut fudge almond. We were not disappointed.

We managed to get home just after dark last night, after stopping at the Wal Mart for some food supplies. Even in our extra small kitchen, I managed to put together a great meal tonight of grilled rib eye steak with onion/blue cheese sauce, Parmesan crusted potatoes, and some of that sweet corn we bought. I think we got a good start on making up for not getting good home cooking on the truck. Now let's just hope that the pants will still fit when it time to hit the road again!


Mom said...

I love shopping in stores like the one you described. they are full of treasures.
Enjoy home!

all things bradbury said...

this looks awesome!!....i copied down the location....we have to check that out the next time we're up that way!


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