Thursday, October 22, 2009


I guess it shouldn't come to anyone's surprise, that the trainee that Craig was scheduled to get, called into the office Monday and quit. I used to think hiring and retaining dispatchers was a losing cause, now I know hiring and retaining truck drivers is even harder. Yes, I get it, after all I lived it, having your spouse out on the road for weeks on end. That the separation is even harder when there are children involved. I really think that before a company actually hires a driver, that they should have a mentor, or support person available for the wife and family, to answer all the questions that come with the job. Just may help cut down on some drivers quitting before they even get started.

Craig ended up sitting at the yard all day Wednesday, but not without knowing what his next assignment is, and do I even dare say it? That he will in fact be assigned yet another trainee. Hopefully, this one will make it out to the truck, and last the entire training period. I know it's asking a lot, but one can hope for a better outcome this time around.

This morning will find Craig headed to Durante, CA for the first of two pickups. He will load at D'Aquino Italian Importing Company with what seems to be wine. This is a first and a load in which I wish I was going along for the ride. When he is done at his 10am appointment, he will head north to Sonoma, CA to the Groskopf Warehouse, where even more wine will be loaded into his trailer on Friday at 1pm. When loaded he will be headed to Spokane, WA to make the delivery on Tuesday.

Somewhere between Sonoma and Spokane, the plan is for Craig and his next trainee to meet up. Time will tell if the outcome will be the happy one that I am hoping for.


all things bradbury said...

i can't believe the luck craig is having with trainees....what with everyone needing a job so badly and all....for sure, truckdriving is not for everyone, but how can you know if you don't give it a healthy try???....hopefully this new one will be ok.....and if not, maybe that means you just get to get back on the truck sooner!!....
so what are you doing with all your time at home besides cooking up goodies????

Barbara said...

I live in Sonoma!


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