Sunday, October 18, 2009


Ahhhhh, nothing like waking up to the sound of gunfire in the morning. Saturday morning, at sunrise, and let me tell you, not a second later, the sounds of hunters in the mountains around us, was a symphony of gun shots, and I'm sure the frightful fleeing of many deer. Deer are plentiful around our area, in fact, when I returned home last Wednesday, after dropping off Craig, there was a herd of about 20 deer scattered around the property.

With Craig gone, and with me home all day to watch HGTV, I just had to do some rearranging and placing a few new items I purchased for our tiny house. And when I say tiny, need I remind you that it is only 400 square feet? I know Craig is thankful that we don't have more of a house for me to sit and figure out what I want to do with it. It's still a work in progress, as I still need to paint the third wall in the living room, and I'm still waiting, as you can see from the empty frames on the wall, for a couple of my photographs that I had enlarged to be mailed to me, and I need greenery in the wall vase......well you get the idea. But on a happier note for Craig, I have taken to trying a few of the recipes I have been collecting on my computer the last 6 months. Since spending time with my BFF Cori in Walla Walla, she has inspired me like Julia Child, and I have been trying my hand at some new things. On Craig's last night, I did a chicken with three different tomatoes, plum, grape and sun dried, celery, clamata olives, and potatoes, all roasted in the oven. I got to admit, it sure was tasty, and I'm happy for some left overs that I froze to eat later this week. But enough about home. Craig is slowly making his way south. He decided to stop around 11pm in Moro, OR Friday night. After checking with dispatch, and there was no scheduled swap in the works, he only went as far as Corning, CA last night. Today, he will drive into Wheeler Ridge, CA and stage for delivery, however, delivery is not until Tuesday at 9:30am, so he may have quite a wait on his hands, unless they come up with a swap on Monday. Now it's time for me to get back to watching HGTV and listening to the sounds of those gunshots in the distance.


all things bradbury said...

that looks yummie!!!....i think y ou must be saving some of the same recipes that i want to try that when we're home again...brad and i both just think your little house is as cute as can be....just perfect for 2....

Cori said...

Oh Diane! Everything looks so good! I love the plate rack with the tassels, still ADORE the oval table between the chairs and the display abouv the french doors.

I would love to see the lantern collection on the corner cabinet too!

Your chicken dish looks amazing! It is making me hungry right now. I am so glad you are inspired to cook...isn't it fun? Plus, it's nice to prepare nice meails for lyourself and just freeze individual portions. You deserve those nice dinners, even when you ae by yourself there!

Your home is so cozy and warm...


Mom said...

Now I'm hungry

adozeneggs said...

That chicken looks delicious. I miss cooking. Too busy with cookie icing right now for the kitchen.
On the bright side, my pant are getting looser!!

The Daily Rant said...

Your house is only 400 SF?? I LOVE that!!! Is it a cottage? A cabin? Is it your only home or a second home? Please tell me more!!

I'm VERY interesting in tiny homes and I always look at them in magazines, online and if I pass them in my travels. Can you email me at and tell me more about your house? PLEASE??

And oh...the chicken looks AWESOME!!

Thanks again!



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