Monday, October 05, 2009


Remember how just 6 days or so ago, we were wilting under 100 degree weather? And then how happy we were to have the cool, crisp days in Oregon, exhibiting the glory days of Fall? Well, after leaving Pasco, WA and making our way south along Highway 97, we caught the garbled talk on the CB saying something about 1 to 2 inches of snow??? We both looked at each other, with puzzled looks, since we both were donning our sunglasses and enjoying the clear, sunny weather.Then as we were driving out of the Bend , OR city limits, the skies darkened and there were small little pieces of hail hitting the hood of the truck. I glance at my little calendar on the dash, and remind myself that this is only October 3rd! We continue driving and the hail turns into snow, and not just a little bit, it was snowing heavily. I really couldn’t believe my eyes and what I was seeing. The further we drove, the more it was sticking to the ground, until we were past La Pine, OR and it looked like a winter wonderlandWe stayed the night in Klamath Falls, OR where the temperature got down to 32 degrees as we used the sleeping bags for warmth for the first time in a long time. When we left, we again had light snow falling from just outside of Klamath Falls all the way into Weed, CA. Now I was hoping to enjoy Fall before we rushed straight into Winter. I haven’t even gotten to enjoy the leaves changing yet. But I guess we should have known better, after all, some of the merchandise we delivered to the Fred Meyers on Friday was all Christmas stuff. I guess you can never start too early!


Mom said...


John said...

(insert scream here)

all things bradbury said...

we're still home in wv, but we'd been hearin weather reports from out that way callin for guys be safe!

rosemary said...

Sadly there is snow on Schweitzer.


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