Saturday, October 24, 2009


I've been asked a few times, what I do when I stay home, and Craig takes off in the truck, either by himself, or with a trainee. To be honest with you, shamefully, I do exactly the same thing as in the truck......a whole lot of nothing. I truly think, much to the detriment of my physical health, that I have perfected the art of just "being".........okay, it what it is..... I am a professional couch potato. I spend my days, much like in the truck, on my laptop, keeping up with the latest Hollywood gossip, the activities of my friends on Facebook, and conquering the latest level on any given computer game I might be playing.

Yes, I can hear the mumblings out there now..."just how does she manage"? and I'm here to tell you, it is an accumulation of the past four years of refining the art of relaxing. This from the person who in her pre trucker life, had to have everything scheduled at least 6 months ahead of time. Oh sure, I still get several phone calls a day with updates from the road, to know that things are running smoothly without my involvement, ( as if I really do anything, other than to constantly ask Craig the "what if" questions on the load), and between you and me, I'm sure Craig is happy to get a break from that from time to time.

I have taken to scouring the Internet for food recipes, and I still can not get enough of watching HGTV and looking around our tiny house imagining all the decorator touches I could do to it. Oh yeah, that is if only we had all that extra money we would need to accomplish all that my imagination envisions. I do get to enjoy some of the greatest scenery around, with a water view out every window and fresh mountain air just an open door or window away. But right now, you'll have to excuse me, I'm about ready to settle in for a Man vs Food marathon on the Food Channel......let my work day begin!

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