Friday, October 09, 2009


We arrived in the Company yard in Spokane, WA Wednesday morning around 6am. After dropping the trailer and securing the paperwork for the load, we fueled up, vacuumed the truck and parked it with the other bob tails. Then it was off for the showers, after all, who wants to start your home time looking like we did, after being up all night driving.Then after unloading the truck of our personal items we wanted to take home with us, we finally headed out of the yard to our first stop....STARBUCKS! With caffeine in hand, we made the drive south to Walla Walla, WA to spend a couple of days with my friend Cori and her family. When we arrived at their property, we were greeted to the nicest accommodations anyone could ask for, and lest I forget to say, that Cori is the most gracious of hostesses and the hospitality she showers on you, makes you feel like royalty. Feeling pampered, well rested, and fed like we were going to be next month's plumped up Thanksgiving turkey, we were shocked when Craig happened to look at the weather at home in Usk, WA and find that it was going to be only 14 degrees Saturday morning. YIKES..... when we were last at home it was still in the high 80's and the last thing we thought about was below freezing weather. We were just happy to be day dreaming of finding those cool 70 degree days out on the road. Since we hadn't prepared the house for winter yet, we agonized over whether we should stay with our planned visit or leave a day early, and leaving early finally won out. This afternoon, after lunch, we will reluctantly leave our five star accommodations and head north to what is looking like is going to be the land of the frozen tundra. Thankfully, we did a little shopping at WalMart and had purchased our winter wear for the truck. Looks like we will be needing it sooner than we thought!

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Cori said...

Awww....I'm blushing with all your compliments! It was so GOOD to have you and Craig here for a few days. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay at the cottage and you know you are always welcome here. Hope you are home now and warm and cozy in your very own cottage in the mountains. xoxoxo


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