Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Life in Usk, WA goes on as usual, with a rain storm coming and going from time to time. The mornings are chilly, with the temperatures dropping below freezing, and the frost leaving it's mark on the ground, the plants, and the windows of the pickup. They are calling for a wee bit of snow this week, but you know how those forecasts go....they are only right about half of the time!As far as Craig and Charles (his trainee), they arrived late evening in Spokane, WA on Saturday, and drove into the Pasco area to the Tyson Meat Plant on Sunday. I forgot to ask Craig how Charles took to the odor in the air, that I am sure hit him square in the face when he arrived. I always find the shirt pulled up over my nose, or my face buried in my sleeve works well. I'll have to remember to add those tips to my little book of helpful information that I keep in the truck for future trainees.

They dropped the trailer, and Charles was given the opportunity to show his backing skills, and then bob tailed to the company drop yard to pick up the loaded trailer of frozen french fries. The load is just under 45,000 pounds, and with a bit of adjusting, they scaled out legal, although they will have to do the fuel and weigh station shuffle, as they drive towards Long Beach, CA.

Sunday night they stayed in Weed, CA, and on Monday, after a stop at the company yard in French Camp for showers, made their way to Wheeler Ridge where they set up camp. Craig did the honors this morning, up early and on the road by 4am, to make the drive into Los Angeles and then into Long Beach to make the delivery. Best not to throw Charles into the massive highway system in LA in the dark. Currently, they are parked in the yard of San Pedro Forklift, awaiting their call into the dock. I'm sure by now, Craig has explained how Grumpy likes things done. Better to know these things in advance, than find out first hand how Grumpy got his name.

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