Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I have posted a picture of this tree once before, when from a distance, I thought it was covered with birds, but upon getting closer, saw that is was covered in shoes. Over the past 18 months, the shoes seem to come and go, but lately, it seems to have been adorned with more than it's usual share of shoes. So today, when we had a few extra minutes, I had Craig pull over so that I could get a closer look. Well actually, I wanted to make a donation. With the rapidly cooling trend we have been experiencing lately, and especially with the unexpected snow storm, Craig's summer flip flops were put out of their misery and were destined for the nearest trash can. "Hey", I thought to myself, "Wouldn't they make a wonderful addition to the tree of shoes"? So here they are, their last moments before joining their new home along Highway 97 in Oregon, just outside the tiny little town of Shaniko. We tied them together with twine, and in one heave, tossed them high above the tree where they landed amongst others of their kind. How fitting that they should spend eternity hanging from this roadside attraction, or at least until someone comes along that might take a liking to them and unhook them from the tree. After getting into the truck to head off into the sunset, Craig spies this other tree across the street: Did you look closely? Looks like there is another trend on the horizon for old Highway 97, and one that I think would draw a whole lot more attention than shoes. I zoomed in close for you to get a good look: Yep, looks like the making of The Tree of Bras. Craig sped off in a hurry, before I could even think about it.


all things bradbury said...

we stopped and took some pics of this tree when we came down 97 a few weeks ago....we had saw one in nevada too, but it didn't have anyways near as many shoes on it as this one....there is also a line between buildings in new york as you go east on the cross bronx expressway, that has shoes thrown over is so cool that now craig's flip flops are there!....we will wave at them the next time we go by! had just thrown away some ratty old bras before we saw this....darn.....i didn't have any i wanted to give up!

John said...

I've never seen a shoe-tree, but I did see a strange one in SC.

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing now is the knicker tree

adozeneggs said...

How did you even manage to see the bras in that tree??


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