Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Once again, while I sat lounging around at home, Craig had to pay a visit to Ralph's in Compton, CA. This is at least the third time he had been sent there, and every time I haven't had the pleasure of being there with him. It seems every time he is there, it takes up most of his day with unexpected delays. Additionally, of all the shippers and receivers Craig has been to, this is one of the most challenging to get into and out of the docks, due to the limited space.

This time proved no different than the previous times there. Upon arrival this morning, he was given a dock, and then proceeded to try and get into it. He had no problem getting the trailer centered into the opening, but then abruptly ran out of room, especially with the long nose of a Peterbilt, trying to complete the back, when you take into account the two yellow cement poles and fire hydrant he had to avoid. But true to form of the majority of truck drivers, there were soon a couple of drivers out helping, and then seeing as they really were at a disadvantage, the driver parked next to him, unhooked from his trailer, which gave Craig the room he needed. Craig was able to repay that same driver, for when it was time for him to leave, Craig unhooked from his own trailer, to give him ample room to leave the dock. You gotta love that about these truck drivers! About four hours later, Craig goes to pull out and finds that unbeknownst to him, he had a trailer full of pallets he wasn't expecting. That means being sent down to the produce area of Los Angeles to drop off the pallets, and then make his way through late afternoon LA traffic to try and get back to the Company yard in Bloomington. By 5pm, he was finally at the yard and waiting until morning to receive his next dispatch. Still no word yet on the status of the trainee he is suppose to get. Maybe there will be some news in the morning.

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Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Ya know, every time i see a TWT truck now i try to see who is driving.

If you ever get an extended stay in Portland you should email me. Especially if its on the weekend!


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