Friday, October 02, 2009


I know it must seem to my friends and family that I am continually connected to the Internet. It is true that I am almost always online, after all, I have plenty of time on my hands these days, since I quit working to join Craig out on the road. I use it a lot when planning our trips, and after going on almost 4 years, know just about all the exit numbers and locations of importance up and down Interstate 5.

I've become adept at deciphering the images on Google Earth, to find the correct entrance points at Shippers and Receivers, along with checking the streets surrounding the businesses for width and ease of turn radius. Microsoft Streets and Trips is my companion during the days, as I move along with our routed trip plan, marking off the miles as they tick away.

Of course Facebook and Pogo games are always running to keep me entertained when the activity on the road is slow, or the scenery passing by is a bit dull. It can be a bit challenging, along the bumpiest of roads, to even try and keep the laptop on my lap, let alone connected. It's a wonder this computer, a Toshiba, has lasted as long as it has, over two years, when all the previously owned ones have usually bitten the dust by the year mark.

So Yesterday, after making our delivery in Clackamas, OR were were told to deadhead to Chehalis, WA and drop our trailer at the Fred Meyer Distribution Center, and await a load on Friday. After dropping the trailer, we bob tailed a mile back to a little truck stop, and spent the day on our laptops. What was most enjoyable though, was last night, where Craig and I sat in the front seats, like going to a drive in movie, and watched from the dash of the truck, many of the premiere episodes of some of our favorite shows.

Having to deal with 30 second commercials is so much better than the lengthy ones on TV. We had our refreshments, a star lit, cool fall night, and each other's company, with a bit of hand holding and snuggling added to the mix. With the snack bar being only 30 yards away, we could stop and pause the show if needed for some popcorn and licorice!

To some, this may seem crazy, living most of your time out of a truck no bigger than a size of a closet, and having all your personal possessions fit inside a plastic tub. But life is, and will always be, what you decide to make of it. This lifestyle for us was a choice, and we couldn't be happier with it for now. The sense of freedom it affords us, and the memories we have created seeing the USA and Canada are priceless. Yes, it may be a crazy life, but it is ours!


Cori said...

I love this post Diane! Everything you said is so true. we make our choices and the most important choice we make each day is "happiness". You make the best of each and every day and experience. It makes you and Craig who you are. I think the timing for your visit is perfect...can't wait to see you in just a few short days. xoxo

Mom said...

It is wonderful to be able to follow your dreams. It is nice that you bring us all along on the journey.


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