Friday, October 16, 2009


Craig left early Thursday morning to head to Brewster, WA to the first of his three pick ups. He arrived at Gebbers Farms, which has been growing apples at the base of Washington State's Cascade Range for over a century. With over 5,000 acres of orchard, the Gebbers family now farms one of the largest contiguous apple orchards in the world. He was loaded with 20,00 pounds of apples and was soon on his way to Wenatchee for his second pick up of the day.Wenatchee is where things came to a halt. After checking in, Craig was informed that the product had not arrived yet, and further more, that they didn't have him arriving until 3pm on Friday. Craig sat the rest of the day waiting to hear word, but it would seem that the product would not arrived until this morning. He found himself a nice, out of the way, parking spot next to a warehouse, and that is where it settled in for the night.Thank goodness for detention pay, because it wasn't until 2:30pm when the product was finally there, and they went about loading it into the trailer. Of course, any thoughts of making his 9am appointment in Yakima was thrown out the window a long time ago. But onward Craig went, and upon arrival in Yakima at 4:30pm, and checking in, he was the 12th truck in line to be loaded. You can see from the photo all the trucks in docks and off to the left of him. At least on his travels over the past couple of days, he got to have some nice views of the Columbia River and the Grand Coulee Dam. His plan tonight, after getting the last 6 pallets of this load onto his trailer, is to try and make it to LaPine, OR. That will mean some night driving, but with getting loaded so late, he isn't left with much of an option.

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Janya said...

Ghhahaa! I HATE waiting around! Guess that's part of the job though, when you depend on others to deliver as well! I like how you write about yourself in third person, makes it like a book to read :)

Take care and good luck training the new one!

PS: I have a question, since I dont know anything at all basically about truck drivers, but it's kinda lengthy so i'll send you an email and would be veryy stoked if you find time to answer!!!

Take care again :D


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