Sunday, October 04, 2009


Do you have those moments, when you get swept away thinking about what you would do if you won the lottery? With loads of time on the road, with only your mind as a traveling companion, it can literally make the day fly by. Oh, and when the both of us converse in this age old "what would you do?" can be quite entertaining.

A few months back, after years on the road never playing, we finally decided one day to buy a ticket, and play our numbers for 10 draws. We never checked the ticket, too lazy I suppose to bother, but rather dreamed of cashing it all in when it hit big. I must confess to an adrenalin rush one day, a few weeks after buying our ticket, when I heard that someone had won the Mega Millions, but had not claimed it yet. Could it be us??? Oh the anticipation of it all, until I checked the computer and found out the ticket was purchased on the East Coast.

Just like that, I was back to thinking about what might be, and when our 10 draws had run it's course in mid September, I didn't even give it a thought until we passed through Pasco, WA yesterday where we had bought the ticket. We walked into the convenience store, and I scanned the ticket on the machine, but the sun was shining way too brightly on the machine to even begin to read what it had said. I was sure it was the "sorry, try again" message.

So when Craig stepped up to the cashier to buy his longed for Diet Pepsi, the clerk, having seen my attempts to read the ticket, said she would check it for us. We both watched as she presented the ticket to the machine, and then wondered when it printed out a receipt. With a surprised look on her face, she said we had actually won something. You know how they say your life flashes across your mind in your last moments??? I think we were both thinking about how we were going to spend the money, when she calmly said....."you won $12 dollars". Well how about that?? We get the pleasure of another 10 draws and Craig walked away with a free Diet Pepsi! Winners indeed we were.

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Bluebird said...

Have recently found your blog and enjoy it immensely. This post on the lottery made us laugh as we had just been playing that "game" a few days before reading your blog. It's a pleasure to find a blog by someone that we have much in common with - especially the love of Starbucks! ha ha We have been married for years and team driving for 5 years - although I'm thinking the passenger seat view sounds preferable to the one I occupy half the time! lol I look forward to that view in a few years. Bless you and thanks for sharing your views and days with us!


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